Abigail's Journey : Paperback & Free Wallpaper

In Paperback - Abigail's Journey
by Judith Bronte

Abigail Johannes wasn't interested in romance.
Jake Murphy couldn't stand physical contact.
They were perfect for each other.

New beginnings aren't easy, but no one knows that better than Jake Murphy. When he rents the Johanneses' empty yellow house in Three Mile Bay, he struggles to overcome a painful past and begin a new life outside the prison walls he had known for so long.

Abigail Johanneses' future is secure-- or so she had thought. With the prospect of marriage to a childhood friend and the opportunity to attend college, her life seems already determined. Then the new neighbor arrives, and Abby finds she must learn compassion. As she befriends Jake, she wonders where her future really lies.


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Paperback details:
  • 6 x 9 inch paperback (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
  • 692 pages
  • 1 1/2 inches thick (3.81 cm)
  • International shipping is available.

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Free desktop wallpaper based on the cover art of "Abigail's Journey"!

The beautiful artwork for the cover of Abigail's Journey was done by my brother, Samuel Fall. (Thanks, Sam!) Based on his cover art, this scenic image of the little yellow house nestled in Three Mile Bay, can be framed on your desktop! Just choose the screen size that closest fits your computer screen, and follow the procedure that you would normally use to change your desktop picture!

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Abigail's Journey in paperback
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