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In Paperback - Mountain Wild
A Historical Romance by Judith Bronte

Josiah Brown is a half-breed Blackfoot mountain man, trapping the Rocky Mountain streams for beaver and fur. In the process of saving the daughter of an immigrant from raiding Blackfoot Indians, Josiah decides to take the white woman as his wife. Hardened by the wilderness and his own past, the trapper wrestles against change and the gentle ways of a woman who threatens to tame his heart.

Through circumstances beyond her control, Emma Perkins suddenly finds herself the wife of a wild and leathery mountain man. His rough and tumble temperament go against her upbringing, and Emma struggles to keep her faith and survive in a land where the animals, and the people, are mountain wild.


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Paperback details:
  • 6" x 9" paperback (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
  • 738 pages
  • 1 9/16" thick (3.97 cm)
  • Bonus Behind the Scenes for each chapter
  • International shipping is available.

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Free desktop wallpaper based on the cover art of Mountain Wild.

My brother, Samuel Fall, did such a good job with the artwork for Mountain Wild, it turned out far above my expectations. Sam's quite an artist-- I never could have done something like this myself. The wallpaper page has variations of Josiah and Emma, based on Sam's artwork.

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