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Scene Eight
Wednesday, December 23, 1998 (the next day) / Niagara Falls, New York

"I have seen, they that plow iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same."
~ Job 4:8 ~

Here it is, room 219," said Diane, knocking on the door. When Jose opened the door, he saw Diane standing beside a man he had never seen before. "Surprised?" asked Diane.

"Who is this?" asked Jose, motioning to the stranger.

"Detective Foster, this is Jose. Jose this is Detective Foster," she said, introducing them. "Are you going to invite us in, or do we have to stand in the hall?" asked Diane. Jose showed them in and closed the door. "What a great view of the falls!" exclaimed Diane, going to the window.

"Mr. Fernandez, my name is Detective Foster. I'm with homicide," he stated, flashing his badge. Diane rolled her eyes. Not regarding her, Detective Foster continued. "I would like to ask you a few questions concerning the death of Christopher Cushing."

"The death?" repeated Jose, raising his eyebrows. "Is Christopher Cushing dead?"

"I see you haven't heard yet," replied Detective Foster.

"How did he die?" Jose asked, pulling out a notepad.

"Before I answer your questions, Mr. Fernandez, you will please do me the courtesy of answering mine," Detective Foster said, glancing in Diane's direction.

"What do you want to know?" asked Jose, sitting down at the table. Detective Foster sat down and pulled out his notepad.

"Were you in Buffalo late Monday night?" asked Detective Foster, his pencil poised to take notes.

"No, I left Buffalo a little before five thirty in the evening, on a bus," replied Jose.

"Do you have a witness?" asked Detective Foster. Diane was about to protest to his line of questioning, when Jose held up his hand to stop her.

"Yes, I have a witness," answered Jose, "the bus driver saw me and can confirm the time." Detective Foster nodded.

"You understand, this is all a matter of formality. It's an open and shut case of suicide, but I still must confirm the facts," said Detective Foster, jotting down more notes.

"Detective Foster, maybe now, you could answer some of my questions. You just mentioned suicide. Did Christopher Cushing commit suicide?" asked Jose, his pen ready to take notes.

"That's right, Mr. Cushing was found face down in his office with a .45 automatic in his right hand. He did it, all right. Powder burns and everything," stated Detective Foster. "From what his doctor says, Mr. Cushing had been diagnosed with terminal cancer three months ago. However, there was a curious fact that caught my attention: his personal filing cabinet was open, and the contents strewn about the office, as if he were looking for something in particular. The blood from the gunshot was splattered over the top of the files, proving Mr. Cushing had first opened the cabinet and then shot himself. Otherwise, blood would have been found between the pages, and that was not the case. His prints were all over the papers, that and his secretary's, Mrs. Rebecca Newton," commented Detective Foster. "We are searching for her right now. As a matter of fact, I thought she was here with you. Her in-laws said she had an interview Monday morning with Jose Fernandez, and then went on a drive with him. I contacted your secretary, and she brought me here," finished Detective Foster. Jose stood up and nodded his head.

"Diane," Jose called, "go to room 215 and tell Mrs. Newton to come here," he directed. Diane quickly did as she was told.

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