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A small child climbed over Emma, and then settled down between the two adults.

Confused, and more than a little disturbed, Emma's tired mind went over what had just happened. Was it true? Had she kissed Josiah? Emma struggled to untangle reality from her dreams, knowing that the familiar intimacy of being so near Josiah would have made it easily possible. Silently promising herself to be more careful in the future, Emma prayed God would give her the strength to not weaken in her sleep.

The next morning, Josiah escaped the confinements of the lean-to as quickly as he could. It was bad enough Emma wasn't being very friendly, but with kisses like that, she was downright aggravating!

Last night's incident only made him all the more determined to regain Emma's affection.

Getting to their store of jerky first, Josiah handed Emma her breakfast with as charming a smile as he could manage. He made sure she had a blanket around her shoulders, a hot cup of water to sip, and whenever her gaze happened to fall on him, he tried to appear contrite.

After bombarding Emma with adoring looks for several minutes, Josiah tried to detect any weakening in her defenses.

To his consternation, Emma remained unfazed.

Again, they headed South, following the mountain until it brought them to a narrow valley surrounded by white foothills. The valley was flanked on the East by a partially frozen creek, and another set of foothills and mountains. Josiah set his face against the Eastern horizon, scanning for any signs of the game he had come to hunt.

"I do not see any deer," Mary said disappointedly.

In spite of his own disappointment at the lack of wildlife, Josiah grinned. He hadn't needed to tell Mary what he was looking for, for she already knew. "That don't mean they're not here," said Josiah. "I'll make us a lodge over against that foothill, and tomorrow, I'll go hunting."

For the rest of that day, Josiah worked on a large dome-shaped lodge, covering it with more than one buffalo skin, and lining its floor with thick boughs of cottonwood. In the center of the shelter, he made a comfortable fire.

On either side of the fire, Emma spread out buffalo robes, to make two beds.

"Is Mary sleeping by herself?" asked Josiah, half hoping to receive a different reply than the one he got.

"No, it's for you."

That night, Josiah curled up on his bed feeling completely alone, and even a little unwanted. Whenever he let himself look at the other side of the shelter, he would envy Mary, as the girl slept snugly in Emma's arms.

"I hafta try harder," Josiah said quietly. Rolling onto his other side, he faced away from the happy scene.

Morning came, and Emma was awakened by the smell of cooking meat. Upon sitting up, she saw a delicious looking rabbit roasting over the fire. Josiah was seated nearby, looking very pleased with himself for surprising her with a hot meal of fresh meat.
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