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Besides the fact that the cabin had been found, was the bigger concern that it had been found by Blackfoot Indians. From what Grandpap had said to Josiah, Emma understood that something bad might result from discovery... maybe even Josiah's death. Emma shuddered, trying to keep her thoughts from running too wildly.

For the remainder of the day, Emma kept inside, occasionally peering out through a crack in the shutters. Every time she checked, there was nothing but quiet.

When morning peeked through the cracks of the window shutters, Emma looked to see if the men had come back.

They hadn't.

Should she venture outside to feed the horses? They were making a fuss, and she didn't know how much longer she could put off their needs.

As she was wondering what to do, Emma was startled to hear the sound of someone knocking on the door!

Instead of rushing to open it, Emma hesitated. Josiah would be yelling at her by now, so it couldn't be him. Besides, this knock had a request to it, and not one of authority that expected to be obeyed.

Steadying her nerves, Emma cracked open the window shutter to see who it was.

"Cora!" cried Emma in delight. She quickly lifted the bar over the door, and invited her guest inside.

The Blackfoot woman had come alone this time, but Emma was so excited she didn't notice Grandpap's absence.

"The cabin has been discovered." The words fell from Cora's lips without emotion. Adjusting her blankets, she went to the table and sat down in the split-bottom chair she had used during her previous visit.

Emma felt faint, but reminded herself to keep trusting God. She couldn't understand why God had let such a thing happen, but had confidence that He knew what He was doing. Folding her trembling hands, Emma took the remaining seat at the table. "How did they find us?"

"I told them," Cora's chiseled face showed no signs of remorse or apology.

"I don't understand," puzzled Emma. "How could you do this to your son?"

Cora's eyes narrowed, though she didn't appear to be angry by Emma's question. "Do you believe I would kill Josiah?"

The frank question made Emma pause before responding, "I don't think so."

In spite of Emma's hesitation, there was no fear in her eyes. "Good," nodded Cora, "you trust me. You must stay in this lodge and not go out. You are being watched."

"I saw Indians looking at the cabin, yesterday," related Emma. "I didn't know if they were Blackfoot."

"They were," confirmed Cora. "They watch for my son's return. You will stay inside?"

"As much as I can," sighed Emma. "It'll be impossible to remain indoors all the time, but I'll make my trips as brief as possible."
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