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Glaring up at his mother, Josiah unleashed a string of curses until the startled woman backed away. "I don't want you coming near me!" he finished with an angry growl.

"You need me to help," entreated Cora.

"I don't need anyone," muttered Josiah, struggling unsuccessfully to get to his feet.

Running into the cabin, Emma soon returned with a large blanket. Josiah looked ready to resist Emma's help, but as she knelt beside him in the snow, his face softened.

Quietly, Emma gently covered his quaking shoulders with the warm blanket.

"It stings," he muttered, as the cloth came into contact with the cuts on his back.

"You need to get inside," urged Emma.

"Fetch my Hawken first," requested Josiah, seeing his beloved rifle still in the snow.

Refusing Cora's help, Josiah struggled to his feet while Emma and Grandpap supported his shoulders as best they could. Emma was crushed under Josiah's weight, but she managed to keep up with Grandpap.

Mary hid behind Cora as the large bear of a man staggered into the cabin with his human crutches.

"We'll put you on the buffalo robes," guided Emma, as they led Josiah toward the bed. "Roll onto your stomach so I can clean your back."

"You'd best git out that trading knife I gave you," the injured man directed through gritted teeth, "and start heating it over the fire."

Feeling numb, Emma handed the knife to Cora. "Bring it to me when the blade is hot," requested Emma.

Cora nodded her willingness to help.

Grabbing the water bucket, Emma went outside to fetch water from the creek. When she returned, she found Josiah on his stomach, waiting for her.

Pulling a handkerchief out from one of Josiah's leather bags in the corner, Emma knelt beside him to examine the wounds.

"Before you start," panted Josiah, "I need something to chomp down on."

Emma looked about for something that would do, and gratefully accepted the stick Grandpap handed her.

"I'm ready," muttered Josiah. He placed the stick between his teeth, bracing himself for the pain that was sure to come.

Closing her eyes in a moment of prayer, Emma soaked the handkerchief in the water bucket. Then, with trembling hands, she carefully dabbed the shredded skin on Josiah's back. In one place, she could even see the white of his backbone. Biting her lip to dull her senses, Emma continued until his back was as clean as she could make it.

As Cora approached the buffalo robe, Emma heard Josiah pant even harder.
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