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Chapter Five

"Blessed is [she] that considereth the poor: the LORD will deliver [her] in time of trouble."
~ Psalm 41:1 ~

Every hour, Hannah would wake up, and check Daniel. This act of mercy was made even more amazing by the fact she woke up on her own, unaided by an alarm clock. All night, Daniel slept fitfully, first tossing to one side, then to the other. Hannah was very alarmed he would loosen his stitches. Many times, she would say a prayer for Daniel, and remind God of His promises. For one so weak, Daniel amazed Hannah how often he could kick off his blanket. But every time, Hannah faithfully covered him again. Finally, the sun's rays peered between the skyscrapers and announced to the city dwellers that a new day had begun.

Hannah stretched out on Mrs. Weinberg's sofa. It had been a long night. Providentially, the elderly woman had remained fast asleep the entire night, and did not hear Hannah coming and going. Hannah got up and returned to her apartment. Since the night had been bitterly cold, Hannah made some oatmeal and sat down to eat at the small table in the kitchen.

It had not occurred to her, however, that the enticing smell had awaken her guest. A small noise made Hannah look up from her breakfast. Daniel stood in the bedroom doorway gazing at her. But, the minute her eyes met his, they immediately looked down. Hannah got up from her chair. She held out her hand, so that they might shake hands.

"Hello, Daniel," said Hannah. Daniel did not look at her, so he could not tell she was speaking to him. Hannah, realizing this, stepped into his eyesight. "Hello," she repeated. Instead of responding, he turned his head away. Not to be deterred, Hannah gently took his arm and helped him in the direction of the table. Daniel reluctantly allowed her to guide him. Hannah dished up another bowl of hot oatmeal and placed it upon the table before Daniel's eyes. The look of humiliation that she had witnessed on his face so many times before, returned. Instead of eating, he just sat there. Finally, hunger became to hard to resist. Daniel picked up his spoon and began eating. Hannah solemnly observed he didn't thank God before eating his meal. Before Daniel could finish his breakfast, the room began to swirl around him. Hannah saw this, and helped him back to the bedroom. After he lay down, she covered him up, and left the room, closing the bedroom door behind her.

During the night, and especially upon seeing him stand up, Hannah had made a few observations. Daniel's hair had been washed when he stayed at the hospital, but his long beard remained. Also, she had observed that the faded blue jacket he always wore, was missing. Suddenly, she remembered that the emergency workers had cut it off trying to inspect his wound. Hannah glanced at the time. In a half hour, she would be late for work. Hannah washed her face in the kitchen sink, for the bathroom was in the bedroom, and she did not want to disturb Daniel by her presence.

"Why doesn't he look at me when I'm trying to speak to him?" she wondered. "I guess it's because I'm a stranger, or maybe he just doesn't like accepting help from a woman." At any rate, she was going to help, whether he liked it or not. Hannah had worked too long and hard to help him, to be dissuaded so easily. She smoothed out her hair, and made her clothing look as if she had not slept in them. Before Hannah left, she wrote a small note and placed it on the table. It read: "Help yourself to anything in the refrigerator. You are welcome here." She signed it, and then quietly left the apartment, making doubly sure that the door was indeed locked.

When she arrived at work, Jenny took her aside and asked a million questions at once. Then she noticed Hannah's tired face.

"Hannah, what happened?" her voice filled with concern. Mr. Hanley opened the office door, and demanded they get to work. Jenny immediately obeyed. Her questions would have to be answered later.

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