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Chapter Eleven
Abby, the No-Heart Starving Artist

"Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might."
~ Ecclesiastes 9:10 ~

Monday morning, Abby drove Jake to work and then returned home until she was called in to act as an interpreter. Jake had been quieter than usual that morning, for he had not wanted to bring up the disagreement that she and Dennis had had the evening before. With the little yellow house empty, Abby went to her parents' home to see off John and Terry, for they would be away on a business trip to Vancouver for about a week.

"You have my cell phone number," John told Izumi and Abby, while taking his suitcase to the front door. "If anything happens-- especially with the babies, just call me."

"Sweetheart," laughed Izumi, "I'm not due for several months yet!"

"I wish I wasn't leaving you by yourself," he sighed. "My wife is pregnant with triplets and I'm running off to Vancouver!"

"Abby and Jake will be just across the way," assured Izumi. "I'll be all right, John."

"Still," he reasoned, "I don't like you in this house by yourself."

"Mom could come and stay with us," offered Abby. "I'd volunteer to move back into the house for a few days, but that would mean moving my studio, and Jake and I have a lot of work to do."

"Are you sure?" asked Izumi. "Do you think Jake would mind?"

"Most of the time, he hides in his room anyway," shrugged Abby. "I don't think he'll care."

"Please do it, Little Dove," requested John. "I'd feel better."

"You could double up with me in my room, Mom," encouraged Abby.

"If you say it's all right, then I'd love to come," smiled Izumi, hugging her daughter lovingly. "But, only if I won't get in the way."

"Of course you will," smiled Abby, "but I want you to come, anyway!"

"John, if we don't get out of here, we're going to be late for our bus!" exclaimed Terry, coming into the living room with his computer laptop case and two suitcases. "If we miss the bus, then we're going to miss our flight!"

"God keep you and the kids safe," said John, kissing his wife good-bye. "I'll be back as soon as I can!"

"Have a good time!" Izumi called after them, as the men rushed out the door.

"I haven't been called in to work, yet," suggested Abby, while Izumi began to tidy the house, "so I could help you pack."

"Jake really hides in his room?" repeated Izumi, her attention suddenly returning to something the young woman had just said. "I thought the marriage was his idea."

"It was," shrugged Abby. "Dad wouldn't want you packing all by yourself," she reasoned. "We really need to get it done before I leave for work."

"I'll have to take the perishable things in the refrigerator with me," pointed out Izumi, "and I'd like to do the laundry before I go."

"Mom," sighed Abby, "we have a washing machine."

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