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What others are saying about Abigail's Journey:

"I love your work. While I was surfing the web to read some stories, I came through 'Abigail's Journey'. I started reading the story last week and it touched my heart so much that I couldn't get Abby and Jake out of mind for the past days. I completely love the story, the way you have handled it, and esp. the dialogs. It is so real that as I read the story I started falling in love with Jake." - Manu

"I am reading this story [Abigail's Journey] for the third time and each time I fall in love with all the characters. What a beautiful story - you truly have a gift. Thank you for sharing your stories with the rest of the world." - A Reader

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Table of Contents

Chapter One: A New Journey Begins

Chapter Two: Jake

Chapter Three: Old and New Friends

Chapter Four: Just a Little Gentleness

Chapter Five: When Someone Cares

Chapter Six: The Trouble with Clouds

Chapter Seven: A Relationship of Mutual Dependence

Chapter Eight: Unfamiliar Ground

Chapter Nine: A Family for Jake

Chapter Ten: Good Things Come In Threes

Chapter Eleven: Abby, the No-Heart Starving Artist

Chapter Twelve: When Innocence is Betrayed

Chapter Thirteen: The Test of Courage

Chapter Fourteen: A Black Tie Affair

Chapter Fifteen: The Night that Changed Everything

Chapter Sixteen: A Matter of Conscience

Chapter Seventeen: To Be Close to You

Chapter Eighteen: Just Breathe

Chapter Nineteen: Wings of a Dove

Chapter Twenty: Tears and Blessings

Chapter Twenty-one: The First Snow of the Season

Chapter Twenty-two: A Time to Love

Chapter Twenty-three: Something Called Hope

Chapter Twenty-four: Jake's Choice

Chapter Twenty-five: Our First Christmas

Chapter Twenty-six: A Husband's Reward

Chapter Twenty-seven: What Tomorrow Might Bring

Chapter Twenty-eight: Labor of Love

Chapter Twenty-nine: When Heaven Sings

Chapter Thirty: The Secret That Isn't a Secret

A Note from Judith Bronte: The Inspiration Behind "Abigail's Journey"

Verse Collection PDF: All the verses found in Abigail's Journey.

What others are saying about Abigail's Journey:

"I wish you'd write faster! I am eagerly awaiting the next chapters in Abigail's Journey! I LUV YOUR STORIES! I am dying of anticipation. I can't wait to see what Abigail's Journey is like... Yours till the heart breaks..." - Kalyan

"I LOVE your story [Abigail's Journey]. You could make it a movie, it would be AWESOME." - Samantha

"I really, really love your work... You just don't know how excited I am every... [time] there's a new sequel to Abigail's Journey... I hope you continue to publish your work for free online so that many people will be blessed by your stories..." - Arra (Philippines)

"I really wish you'll write a little faster... I can't sleep thinking about Abigail's Journey... the only way I can go to sleep is when I think [of what is] going to happen next..." - Your Biggest Fan Katherine

"I loved your story called Abigail's Journey - A Sequel to Journey of the Heart... I like the relationships that are developing between the people and I can't wait to see what happens next..." - Melissa

"Just finished reading chapter 4 of Abigail after reading Journey of the Heart... I have never read a story with so much pain and yet so much hope abounding in the background... I thank the Lord for your online Ministry, for offering your service free to all who visit your page." - Mary

"I'm dying to find out if Abby and Jake get together romantically! I love your stories and look forward to the next chapter." - Jo

"I really look forward every month to read the new chapters of Abigail's Journey and [Greatest of These]..." - Sheri (Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies)

"I really enjoy reading your books!!! Especially Abigail's Journey... Thank you very much for making your books available on the Internet. I think that you are a wonderful Christian writer! Keep up the good work!" - Rose

"I have really enjoyed reading Abigail's Journey. Thank you so much for writing!" - Teresa

"I have enjoyed Abigail's Journey... It's a real blessing to find a love story that's clean and healthy reading for the mind, body and soul. I am looking forward eagerly to the rest of it." - Lorraine

"Abigail's Journey is a wonderful story... there aren't many places you can go and read Christian books online..." - Glenda

"A beautifully written story [Abigail's Journey] that leaves the heart aglow. I used to be addicted to earthly romantic stories, but your stories have put a stop to that. Thank you for making 'Abigail's Journey' a delightful journey indeed." - Zeena

"I absolutely love your story, 'Abigail's Journey'... I think your writing is awesome... it is incredibly moving and I love the atmosphere you have created with Jake and Abby's relationship..." - Vanessa

"I love the story about Jake and Abigail! It's such a thrill waiting for the next chapter! I am a big fan of all of your stories, but I like this one best so far. It's so wonderful that someone can be sent to someone's aid, as Abby has to Jake. Are they going to fall in love? I just so hope so... I think you are a very talented writer." - Desiree (An eager fan)

"I am an avid reader of your online books... I just wanted you to know how much of an inspiration they really are... I am really glad you've decided to continue with the AJ [Abigail and Jake] story - I didn't think I would survive having to wait a whole 2 months before reading the next chapter. Am hooked!" - Lucy K. (Kenya, Africa)

"Thank you for your stories... I read Jake and Abby's story and was like, oh man, cliffhanger! (good-naturedly of course!)... You've got me addicted to your stories." - Danielle

"Your stories are so good... I really like them a lot, especially Abigail's Journey. I can't wait to find out what happens next.... this last chapter [14] was a good cliffhanger..." - Myrtha

"Anyone reading the [Izumi and Abigail] stories would simply want to admire you for so beautiful a way of thinking and so beautiful a way of putting every small feeling and every small moment into magical words... you're vvvvvery good at describing feelings, and you handle every situation beautifully... you have a very unique way of thinking..." - Kate'z

"I found your website about 5 months ago and have been hooked ever since. My favorite story (so far) is Abigail's Journey. I absolutely love the way you weave in scripture throughout Jake and Abby's story. I can hardly wait for each monthly installment to find out what happens next!" - Paula

"I just finished reading 'Abigail' and I can hardly wait to see what happens in chapter 16! I only found the web site yesterday and have thoroughly enjoyed it... the scriptures given, have been a source of healing for me!!!" - Donna Sue (Oklahoma)

"Your book so far has brought me much encouragement and hope in my situation right now. Thanks so much for writing something so close to my heart - something that touches [my] deepest soul... especially when God speaks directly to me through the verses." - Grace

"I'm only 15 years old, but I love the way you write your stories. Especially Abigail's Journey. The way you use Bible verses also encourages me... I appreciate what you do. God bless you for it." - Lele

"I would like to comment on your talent in writing this story [Abigail's Journey]. It's a remarkable tale and very enjoyable to read..." - Kyra

"I love your stories... [they] show how God is there to help you every day of your life and even through the worst... if you have trust in God, then you are not alone..." - Tess

"I'm sure you probably don't get much input from men... My father is almost finished with 20 years in prison... I don't remember a whole lot from the very few years that we lived with him but I know that I still have emotional and physical scars (cigarette burns for instance) from the abuse he put me/us through... nothing like others (like Jake) have and are going through, but bad enough none the less. I have felt from a very early age that God was and is always with me. I have never blamed God for the things that I have gone through but I have asked a lot (especially as a kid) why I had to go through those things... (read more)" - Chris (a man)

"I think I was teary-eyed the whole time I was reading the story... You are so gifted and talented and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I can always relate to your stories as if I've known the characters... I love Abigail's Journey..." - Elizabeth (Australia)

"I think you're books are great!! I even went to the Christian book store looking for any book written by you and the only thing they could find was Jane Eyre from an author sharing your name! I know the books are free online, but I wish I could get them paper or hard backed as well, they are so compelling! You are very talented... your stories have truly sparked my interest and renewed my love of reading! I sure hope Jake and Abby fall completely in love and that Adam and Charlie [Greatest of These] have a great ending!" - Kasey (Tennessee)

"I really enjoy your stories. They are the first I have ever seen that are so GOD fearing... the scripture references are awesome... Are you going to write books to be printed and sold outside of your web site? I have printed off The Greatest of These so I won't have to set at a computer to read..." - A sincere fan

"I love reading your books... It is great and inspirational... I can't wait to get hold of the other chapters [of Abigail's Journey]... I hail from India, and reside in United Arab Emirates. It's recently that I came across your website. Is it possible you could publish more books..." - Teena (United Arab Emirates)

"I just wanted to say that you are doing a great job on Abigail's Journey! I can hardly wait until each month's part! I wish that you could write each chapter faster... Keep up the good work!" - Megan

"I love Jake!!! This book is one of the best that I have read!!! I am definitely your fan..." - Kimberly (El Centro, California)

"What a way to leave the audience hanging for a month [Chapter 17]. I have read your stories for some time now and I find it hard to wait until the next chapter. I have read all of the stories two or three times. The story of Abigail's Journey has got to be my favorite so far. It is so nice to have a story of love and friendship that includes an understanding of God in them. God has truly blessed you with a talent." - TW

"You've written it [Abigail's Journey] so exquisitely, and dealt with the characters so well. It's definitely a story which lies close to the heart... I'll never be able to forget it..." - Sonia

"I'm a fan of your novels... [they] are really really really very beautiful. Thanks for writing such stories. I read your stories on-line usually because I'm unable to download these. I wanted the printed copy for personal collection. That's why I was looking for it for a long time. But I could not find these in the bookstores of my city even in my country. So could you please tell me [where I could] get the books?" - Nupur (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
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"I REALLY love your stories... I've read all of [them] except The Greatest of These, because right now I'm waiting for Abigail's Journey to finish. I would really like it if you would write faster because I can't wait for a month to pass to see what's going to happen. You have a really beautiful talent..." - From a big fan, Maria

"Even though I'm a Christian, I found your story [Journey of the Heart] to be very corny to say the least and to be honest, I thought it was dreadful but it was short so I stuck with it. Then I saw you did a sequel, Abigail's Journey. So I thought to myself, Ok... it's probably drivel but it'll be short drivel. Boy was I wrong! I got really sucked into the thing and it's strange but I don't think it would have had such an impact unless I had read the first story. Like many of your readers, I can't wait for the installments. At first, all the biblical verses seem to get in the way of the story but slowly, they seem to really get into my heart and it became a source of blessing in the end... Thank you... I'll be popping in to read the installments but forgive me, I could never just read one so I'm going to wait for three months so I get a good dose!" - Carol (Moray Firth coast, north east of Scotland)

"I read Journey of the Heart today and Abigail's Journey yesterday and I have not been the same again. The stories touched me in a special way and reinforces God's love and support in our lives. Even as I am expectantly waiting for the continuation of Abigail's Journey, I want to say thank you for a profound work in progress." - Lizzy

"I just wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed your book Abigail. I'm not one [who] likes to read too much. I usually go to sleep. A book has really got to catch my attention for me to keep reading. I have really fell in love with Abby and Jake... I couldn't stop reading... I'm really excited to see what happens... Thank you so much for your story." - Carla

"I read your story Abigail's Journey online, it was sooo amazing... chapter seventeen has got me hanging by a thread right now... That story is the most touching and amazing story I have ever read... it is just so beautiful to see a friendship like theirs... I think you are a great writer... it's not too often that you can come across a Christian love story... Miss Judie... those two chapters [18 & 19] made me cry the whole way through... I can't wait until September for the next chapter!!" - Kellie

"I love your stories! I'm cheering you on all the way and am very eager to read your next love stories. I just finished reading chapters 18 and 19 of Abigail's Journey and I almost burst into tears... I think 'why can't you write faster' [and then] I think 'pace yourself, because rushed work is much worse than paced work.' And I wish you to do your best... keep up the good work!" - Ji-Eun

"I am glad that you decided to put both chapters [18 & 19] in this month!!!! I don't think that I could have handled what was going to happen if you didn't. You have me in tears!!! ... I will patiently be waiting for next month's installment... You could just feel the pain and then you could feel the happiness. They were good tears." - Kimberly (El Centro, California)

"I just wanted to congratulate you on the stories. I find them very interesting. I look forward every month to reading Abigail's Journey... I don't have a computer at home so when I'm at work I go into your website to read it. Abigail's Journey has really touched my heart... it's incredible the feelings I get when I read the chapters, for some strange reason I begin to cry as if I'm Abigail... I wanted to thank you very much for your stories... maybe you might be able to print the book out and have it sold. I would really like to purchase it so I can read it whenever I want to..." - Amanda

"Abigail's Journey is a POWERFUL story... I've been reading the story for a number of months now and I just had to write you. It's hard to find a good enough word to describe how much I'm enjoying reading the story as it progresses each month. At first I was worried that the subject matter (prison rape) would be too 'heavy' and serious for me. But quickly I became entranced by the characters and had to read on. You've done such a great job with the dialog and characterization. I've really come to care about what happens to the characters (and not just the main characters either--you've even made your secondary characters believable and engaging). All the chapters you've written have been good, but these last two [18 & 19] were an emotional roller-coaster (I enjoyed every minute). I'm anxious to see how Abby and Jake will relate to one another after [plot spoiler removed]. You must have divine inspiration for your story. I look forward to next month's installment." - A sincere fan

"I love the novel Abigail's Journey... It's different from other stories, this one has meaning... it really shows God's love for His children... can't wait to read the rest..." - Krystal

"This story is amazing! I cannot wait for the chapters to come out! I sit at work and read!! It is so amazing and you are an incredible writer! The characters come right off the page and become parts of you as a reader! I cannot wait for next month!!!!" - Erica

"Thank you for your site and your wonderful stories! I accidentally ran across your site while doing a Google search months back, and have been back for every update. Abigail's Journey is excellent, and [is] also one of my favorites! I don't often become so involved in my reading, but I feel Abby's tears on my own face. Then there are the moments I get frustrated with her hardheadedness, and feel sorry for poor Jake! Thank you for the time you invest! Once again, I can't wait for next month's chapter. Thank you for posting two chapters this month [18 & 19]... The suspense would have been horrible! This is such a special story, and I can't wait to read more. Thank you so much!" - Rachel (Arizona)

"Wow! I'm speechless. It's a beautiful story.. thanks Judith!" - Gina

"I've really enjoyed reading your stories, especially Abigail's Journey. Glad to have found your website! Looking forward to Chapter 20 of the story. You keep writing and I'll keep reading..." - Elana (Singapore)

"I don't know how you do this, but every new chapter I read of Abigail's Journey, brings so much joy and love for the Lord, I have problems believing it's possible. God bless you. My Redeemer lives!!" - Roger

"I began reading Abigail's Journey, and I have to tell you that it is one of the most powerful stories about love and compassion that I have ever read. That the grace of God is sufficient in all circumstances, even when it is beyond our comprehension, is so wonderfully expressed in this story. I didn't sleep at night because my mind kept revolving around the story and about how our God is a wonderful God who keeps us in all circumstances. The Bible verses in the story are so powerful. They really ministered to me. After reading this story, I have been challenged to review my relationship with the Lord, to see if I would have had the faith to turn to Him in an impossible circumstance. I would like to thank you with all [my] heart... May the Lord shower abundant blessings on you." - Esther (India)

"I am a mother of 2 kids from the Philippines. I would just like to commend you on the wonderful job and the beautiful stories on your website. It has been a great blessing... when I read the story [Abigail's Journey], I was amazed and disturbed at the same time. I was amazed because it's very seldom that a writer choose the subject of prison rape, although I know the real center of the story is the love and faith of the characters. I was disturbed not because I did not like the subject, it is actually interesting and an eye-opener, but because it is something that needs to be addressed. I actually liked the way you executed the story and also loved the way the characters love and respect one another and their faith in the Lord. Next, I read the story of Journey of the Heart. Again, I was touched by it. The next story is what I love the most, The Greatest of These. I am now in the process of reading the two other stories. I love the fact that there is a website where Christians can read and enjoy stories with Christian values. God Bless you... May He continue to bless you with wisdom so [you] will continue to touch other people's lives with your stories." - Judith (Philippines)

"That's it! I can hardly breathe. I have just finished reading chapter 19 of Abigail's Journey and I am slowly regaining composure again. I first found your site last Friday. (today is Monday) After reading Some Pass By first, followed by Harvest of C Cushing and just fitting in Journey of the Heart before retiring to bed at 3.30 am Saturday morning, how could I resist starting Abigail's Journey on Saturday night (3 am to bed), finishing up to chapter 19 by a relatively early 10.30pm tonight? Wow, I love reading about your characters - they are so vividly real to me, and to have the stories interspersed with the word of God - well, I am one happy, grateful cookie! I have had problems in the past with characters becoming too real for me and having spilt over into my real life, have had to stop reading novels and watching certain shows for fear of losing myself. My imagination is a bit too good at times. Thankfully, your stories, despite the feeling that you are somehow watching these people that you write about from your window, and having fallen in love with each and every one of them, don't seem to have this effect on me. I believe that because your stories are laced with the power of the Word of God, my mind is covered by holy protection. Thankyou SO much for your stories once again. They are absolutely brilliant! ... As one of your readers, I am grateful that your story lines are not just a rehash and mishmash of some long-ago read novels. The story of Abigail is quite unique and the characters so easy to love." - your Aussie sis' in Christ, Narelle (Brisbane, Australia)

"I've been a big fan of yours since 2004... actually, as month pass by, I have this feeling of excitement and at the same time fear that I might not accept other stories than Abigail's Journey and Greatest of These... sounds odd but I really enjoyed reading these stories... I am no longer interested with any other stories... I am so amazed [with] the family that Abby had, especially John, Izumi and Terry... they're extraordinary people whom everybody wished to be with. Same with the fascination I felt with the character of Abby and Jake... It's really a great story... my husband and me [have] got this unusual bonding whenever we discuss about the story..." - Arnie's Wife (Manila, Philippines)

"I'm so glad to tell you that you are an angel to me... Abigail's Journey helped me to connect to GOD ALMIGHTY & His greatest gift LOVE. You have really helped me to know love more deeply. It is really a soul healing story. THANK YOU very much. Desperately waiting for the 20th chapter..." - A Reader

"I love your stories. I am a writer too and knowing that someone else is writing for the enjoyment and the gift from God is so great. You truly have talent and it is good to see that you are using it. I haven't been Christian that long and it is good to find love stories that are Christian based. I love how you just keep it pure. The scriptures are a great read too. Thank you for being a writer... you give this writer something to do when I am not writing." - Tammy, your sis in Christ and fellow writer

"I really love reading your stories... more because Bible verses have been included and that is an advantage compared to other novels whether in the Internet or hard copies... I even cried when I read Chapter 18: 'Just Breathe'..." - Rodz

"I still remember the exact hour I came across this site after suffering from insomnia... I had forgot to buy a book that weekend for I had to attend a class and came back late. I felt like I had stumbled across something warm and fulfilling I could not stop until I read the last page of Journey of the Heart and I felt so happy and fulfilled that I recommended my sister to visit the site and now we both can't wait until the 15th of every month. I know that to some people it might seem like just a story but Abby's story has given me hope and courage and now I pray and believe in GOD more than I have EVER IN MY LIFE. Keep up the good work..." - Nnana (South Africa)

"Abigail's story is very touching... you had me crying many times... wow, you have a knack for putting your emotions out there. I can't wait until the 15th. It seems like a long ways away after I read it." - Cindy

"'Journey of the Heart,' and 'Abigail's Journey' are truly beautiful. Can't wait for the next chapter of 'Abigail's Journey.' God features so prominently in their lives and I truly believe they will overcome all their obstacles and we will get a beautiful ending to a already beautiful read." - Venetia

"I started reading Abigail's Journey and I got hooked! I must say, God has given you the gift of pen (if one could put it that way!). Do continue your love for writing, I'll be waiting to read them. I'm very blessed by all the scriptures you've included in your stories, some are timely revelations bringing light into my life..." - Elizabeth (Singapore)

"I am from India and I have read your story Journey of Heart and now Abigail's Journey. It's simply great. I wish Jake and Abigail get romantically involved and everything goes well between them..." - Vaibhava

"I don't just like Abigail's Journey... in fact, I LOVE IT! ... it's different and heart touching... keep it up!" - Shelanie

"I just read the last of 'Abigail's Journey' to date. [Chapter 21] It's one of the best stories I've ever read! I really like the way you put Scriptures throughout the story, and when you put a character's name in parentheses. I also like what you leave out - silly romantic junk and sexual tension. Your story and the characters have a lot more depth and think about things more deeply than what I've found in the Christian romances I've found in bookstores. I also like the way you are making the story last, instead of writing a quickie short novel. It seems more like real life, in which situations take a long time to be worked out - they're not over in a few weeks. Keep up the good work! I eagerly await the next chapters of 'Abigail's Journey.' I also enjoyed 'Journey of the Heart.' It was great quality, even if it was short. God bless you for providing these Godly romance stories. I plan to read the rest of what you've written..." - Martha (Melbourne, Florida)

"Your story [Abigail's Journey] greatly touches my heart... It's really good especially with all the Bible verses in it! Hopefully you [are] giving it a good ending... :)" - Sandy (Singapore)

"I really looooovvveeee your books and I cannot wait for the next chapter of Abigail's Journey to come out. You are a really good author." - Ambika

"I am just writing to say the last installment [chapter 22] of Abby's Journey is the most awesome chapter, as far as the story has come." - Faithful Reader

"Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know just how much I have enjoyed your stories. I actually moved from one country to another earlier this year and made sure that I would still have internet access so that I could keep reading your stories online. Each month I check your site a few days early (before the 15th) just to see if anything new has been added. It's always a great surprise when the new chapters are available early. I can only imagine how much work it takes to continually add relevant and christian-based dialogue to the story, but your efforts are greatly appreciated by many. Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see what happens to Abby and Jake next." - Stasia

"Just let me say, I LOVE your novel 'Abigail's Journey.' It is amazing. I am always so excited to find out what's going to happen next between Abby and Jake. I find myself counting down the days until the fifteenth of every month... I can't wait to see how if finally ends! As long as you keep writing, I will keep reading!" - Jennifer

"I so enjoy your novels. I like John and Izumi's story a lot [Journey of the Heart] ... imagine my delightful surprise when I saw Abby's story. Wow it is good... You are really talented." - Onika

"Just want to let you know that you are doing wonderfully well [with Abigail's Journey]. I can't wait for you to finish Greatest These. But I will wait. God Bless." - Pheobian

"I had a wonderful time reading chapter 22 of Abigail's Journey. Honestly it was smiles all through. I really had a good time. It was worth waiting for... I keep going back even after I had gone through it once. Some aspects of the conversation are quite touching. You won't know when you will shed a tear like when Terry was telling his reason for not marrying. Thank you." - Clara (Nigeria, West Africa)

"I really admire you for writing [these] really great love stories. I can't wait to read another chapter. Thanks for making it free for us to read..." - Marie (Philippines)

"I am 17 and have been reading Steeple Hill's Love Inspired books for about a year now... I just got done with one and went on the net to see if I could find [a] site like you... I started to read Abigail's Journey I read it all the way through... I can not [wait] to find out what happens... I can see that you did a lot of research for the book... it is hard to find books with the KJV in them and I thank God that you do... as I read Abigail's story I mark the verses in my Bible and I love how you have the people in the stories quote Scripture the way that you do... God bless you in your writing and help [you] to keep it up... thank you for your books..." - Joanah

"I just happened to discover your amazing site last week... I've read some of the stories but what caught me most was the story of Abigail and Jake and how they endure their love for each other despite differences from the past. Once I started reading it I never wanna stop or take my eyes off to it! ... I love it and it really made me teary eyed while reading some part of it. I can't wait for the next chapter... please write faster! Oops just joking I am willing to wait patiently coz I know it's worthwhile. Thanks and more power..." - Sarah (a fan from the Philippines)

"Abigail's Journey is one of the most beautiful love stories I've ever read. May the loving God bless you & help you to write many more... I read all your stories... Abigail's Journey is my favourite. Somehow I feel it's more real compared to your other stories... Waiting to read more..." - Nisha (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

"I really like your story (Abigail's Journey). It's very nice and I can relate to it... I really want to know how the story ends or what's going to happen next. Hope you the best in all the stories you write." - Your #1 fan

"I LOVE ABIGAIL'S JOURNEY! It's the best story I've EVER read!!" - Jess

"My name is Jedida, I'm living in Japan at the moment. I just wanted to thank you for making your writing available for free on the net. I've just finished reading the latest chapter of Abigail's Journey [chapter 23], and I feel really good that I've managed to read it a day early - 14th Dec instead of 15th!! I'm interested in writing too, and I admire your style, especially the fact that you've interlaced God's word with the story... I get inspired by your writing, and it makes me want to keep practicing my own. Thanks again, and may the God of the Bible keep blessing you and blessing you and blessing you..." - Jedida (Japan)

"I'm Jane from the Philippines... I was just browsing on some love stories on the web and your Journey of the Heart really amazed me! I started sending the link to my officemate and we also followed Abigail's Journey... now we are all very impatient for the 15th of the month for the next chapter... I have to admit we really love the story... my colleagues here are already impatient what will happen when Jake goes to [plot spoiler removed]... More power to you!!!" - Jane (Philippines)

"You are a great writer. I found your book [Abigail's Journey] 2 days ago, and I finished all 23 chapters... I can't wait to finish this book. It's great!" - Angela

"I really enjoyed reading all your novels that you provided in your website. I was hooked to read Abigail's story later to shift to The Greatest of These. What I truly love about these stories are [that] they are unconventional, true to its word and best are the quotes you provide. I don't follow much of it since I am not a Christian, I follow Hinduism. But those quotes are very very important in present day life. I am looking forward for your rest of the story eagerly..." - Sanjana (India)

"I can't begin to tell you how deeply this story has moved me... It's as if Jake and Abigail have become real people to me... I desperately wish I could take Jake's pain away... Loving AJ's character and relationship development... it's encouraging to me that you've based them on solid foundational issues such as trust, honesty, respect and integrity, as well as making the Word their Chief Cornerstone. Their intimate relationship will thrive best where these are allowed to thrive as well... like a garden where only plants beneficial to each other are allowed to grow." - Myra (Western Canada)

"Thank you for that great story... I like Jake so much and I like Abby... they both make a great couple... I hope you do well in your story life... you should be an author you know... you are great as you are... please continue writing, I can hardly wait till the story is done... with thanks and respect..." - Noor (Baghdad, Iraq)

"I just had to email you and tell you how much I enjoyed reading this story. It was as if I was there and going through all the journeys Abby and Jake were enduring. I cried, I laughed and I got angry, which in terms, were putting all of my emotions to the test. I can't wait until chapter 24 comes out... I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Thanks and please continue to use your gift that God has blessed you with!" - Gina

"Thank you for writing such a beautiful love story [Abigail's Journey]. I could relate this easily to my own life. I am newly married and this story has somehow helped me a lot. Like Abigail... I too am sometimes blunt with words... but this story has somehow taught me to hold my tongue when necessary. Also the Bible verses you include are so meaningful. Previously I would not read the Bible much... but thanks to you and your book... my husband and I make it a point to read a verse every day from the Bible and put it to use in our lives. Thank you and keep up the good work... desperately waiting for the next chapter [24]..." - Sithu

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("Terry's Journey" has begun...)

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"I really and truly loved that story [Abigail's Journey]... I am in dire anticipation of the sequel... I can hardly wait... Really outstanding work, it practically had me glued to my seat! Great work and keep it up!" - Kim (South Africa)

"I just took the time to write to you because I've truly been blessed with your stories. Yes, I read them all. :) I tried to get to a computer quickly between college classes to be able to read them. I really love how you mix everyday life with God and His ways....that teaches us how to become who He wants us to become. I really love your stories. Keep it up, girl, you are doing so great! May God continue to bless and inspire you." - Sandra

"I am a 37-year old mother of 4... I just finished reading Abigail's Journey and I would like to thank you for posting it. I have read a few Christian love stories before but AJ's story is undoubtedly the best so far. At first I couldn't wait for the story to finish but when it finally did, I was actually sad to say goodbye to the characters. This is my first time to meet a character like Jake Murphy and reading your book is like really knowing him in person. I felt like I shared his pains (almost made me cry, not just once) and cheered his victories. If there is such a thing as a character coming to life, in my case, this guy did it. It will be difficult for me to forget him... I pray that the good Lord continue to bless you and use you in reaching out His love to others, in the same way He reached out to me through this story." - Dhaye (Philippines)

"I just finished reading Abigail's Journey. You really should put a disclaimer on this novel reading WARNING: Use of Kleenex and eye drops are necessary for this amazing journey!! I practically wore my eyes out with reading this amazing novel on-line in THREE DAYS. I just couldn't stop. Plus, half the time I was either crying ridiculously or laughing so much my husband was seriously getting worried. Thank you for such a powerful novel. I was just so encouraged... I find myself not complaining as much, but merely smiling in gratitude with all that God has given me, loving my sweet husband more... all because of being touched so deeply by 'Jake's' troubles and triumphs and 'Abigail's' strong character. I know that this is [a] work of fiction but also realize now how ugly and depraved the world can be. Who am I to complain when someone like the 'Jakes' of this world have gone through literal hell? I, myself, had experienced at least one incident of sexual abuse at the age of 4 (I can't remember it though or if anything else happened) but I have always seemed to struggle with men. Thankfully, God has given me much grace but still I occasionally wrestle with it... So this story hit home for me, on some small level, and I applaud your courage to write about something so gritty and scary as rape and it's aftermath. This reminded me kinda of Shawshank Redemption... Sorry this is a novel unto itself, but I just had to THANK YOU for encouraging me. May God continue to richly bless you with your ministry of writing... PS-- It'd be awesome to get this story made into a movie!!!" - J. from South Korea

"Your story was awesome, I was not just reading another fantasy Christian love story, I really felt I was totally in the story, I mean totally hooked till 3am in the morning. It brought me so much joy, and hope. It also rekindled in me the fire of being a virtuous woman. I do hope you hurry and put both Journey of the Heart and Abigail's Journey in hard cover, my friends and family need to read this. God bless you for these inspiring and insightful stories." - Chinomso (Nigeria, West Africa)

"I have read all of your ebooks... the best yet was Abigail's Journey. This book makes you really appreciate what you have in life. I was wondering do any of your books have movies to follow, if so, please tell me where to buy them." - Kathy
(Sorry, no movies. But a limited number of Abigail's Journey paperbacks can be found at Amazon. See FAQ for more information.)

"Amazing. Awesome read. I had come across this website before because I really enjoy reading Christian romances but I was looking for short stories. I read Journey of the Heart and when I began Abigail's Journey I didn't realize it was so long but I couldn't stop reading it. You ran the gamut of emotions in this story. I don't think any emotion was left unexplored. You truly have a God given gift and you are very generous to share this freely on the Internet. God bless you and congratulations on the upcoming print version of Abigail's Journey." - A Reader

"I don't normally write to authors but I felt it was important to give some feedback in this instance. I'm a 30 year old female singer/songwriter living in London. I discovered your website a few weeks back when I was in a darkish place. I must admit I was quite critical of the first story I read - I'm a voracious writer and can't help this! I soon came to love your stories and started to notice their influence in my life in general. As a Christian, I found myself sprouting bible verses with my 'non-Christian' friends, which led to me sharing my faith. Abigail's Journey has even helped me in my relationship with a good male friend. And I've come through that depressive period. I feel quite sad that I've read all the stories. 'Gutted', as we'd say in the UK. Your stories have blessed me and I pray that God will continue to shine through your writing and open many doors for you, so that more and more people will be blessed by your stories." - Buki (London, United Kingdom)

"I ordered and received two copies of Abigail's Journey in October. It's been incredibly moving to read AJ's story in print!! The story flows so smoothly yet intricately, I don't know how you can do it, Sarah. [Note: Judith Bronte is the pen name of Sarah Fall.] So many scenes seem to bring me right into the picture, like I'm standing there with the characters. Last night, I read to my husband the scene where AJ sought to come to agreement about Jake's decision to testify at the commission... you hit the nail on the head when Jake was so insistent to get not just Abby's halfhearted permission, but her full wholehearted agreement. I think that's because true intimacy depends on so much openness between two people, you tend to seek to try to include them in every part of your life, especially the crucial decisions like the one Jake had to make. And then to include intercessory prayer... wow!!! I was reminded of the Scripture that says a threefold cord is not easily broken... a husband and wife's deep rooted unity plus their unity with the Father can be so effective for the Kingdom of God. I loaned one copy to a friend last week and haven't seen it since... haven't had much chance to talk about it but she's an avid reader. I have a list of people I want to share it with... I've got plans to see if my librarian would let me donate a copy to our library..." - Myra (Western Canada)

"I know it is probably unusual for a male to be reading these stories. I love all Christian fiction. These are very good. The fact that you include so many Bible verses make these stories even better. I am a 61 year old shut in. May God bless your work." - Jim

"My husband works nights. I usually read a bit on the Internet before going to bed. I read the first short novel [Journey of the Heart]. It was so pleasant, and I had such a warm feeling. Many of the scriptures fit so well into the troubles in my heart. So when finished I thought I would read Abigail's Journey. Thinking it too was short. I read all night. My son went to prison for a time. So I was touched in many ways. I simply had to keep reading. Thank you so much." - Alba (Mission Hills, California)

"I really love reading your lovely stories. Never ever stop writing." - Sucharita (India)

"I am located all the way in Trinidad which is in the Caribbean and one day I came across your web site. I read your story Abigail's Journey (my name happens to be Abigail). I must tell you that I am very impressed with this story. I don't really like reading novels but from the start of this story I could not stop reading. I loved this story so much that I read it twice and I just had to commend you on a job well done... As Christians we need more of these type of stories." - Abigail (Trinidad & Tobago)

"I read all your stories and loved them. But I loved 'Abigail's Journey' the most. It's a touching story, inspiring people's faith in God and showing how He works for the good of those who love Him and turn to Him for His grace. Hope to read some more such meaningful and lovely stories from you in the near future." - an ardent fan, Janice

"I was surfing the Internet for something totally different... and somehow I ended up on Abigail's Journey. I think it was providence :)... this book came at a time in my life when my world was turning upside down. I needed something more, something to strengthen my faith in God... God used this book to speak to me (I know it's fictional but AJ's story really did touch my life). I was impressed by the way you used the Word of God within your story... I thought that was truly unique and that showed your character as an author. Immediately, I knew that what I was reading wasn't an ordinary story. I knew that it was being written by someone who's sole purpose was to do the will of God and who was doing everything possible to be guided by God, even if it was a romance novel... I still remember some of the verses that you put in your novel, somehow I remember them because of the characters or because of the storyline... I was shocked at the personal similarities that the characters had to my life, especially Abigail. She is like me in so many ways, and the fact that she was struggling with decisions in her life made me reflect on what was going on in mine. The characters were with me day and night, I could not stop thinking about what would happen next. I literally would spend my whole work day reading Abigail's Journey. (I'm a receptionist so I have plenty of time on my hands and easy access to the Internet). About seven chapters into the story I had to find someone else to read it with me because I wanted to talk about it about it so bad! ... I did find someone, my friend Vanessa, and she got hooked on it too! We would be so excited that when we would see each other we wouldn't even bother to say hello, we would immediately just gush about the story, like if we were teenagers who had a crush on the new guy at school. We were ridiculous! ... [Abigail's Journey] encouraged me to seek more of God and to put Him first everyday (especially in the little things). I truly am dumbfounded at how this book mirrored my life (not literally... I don't know anybody who's been in jail). I guess I could just relate to the characters and their lives... I applaud you for never crossing the line, especially when it came to the love scenes. (I have an extremely vivid imagination so the fact that you didn't cross the line helped me not cross it either.) Well done!" - Melodie (San Antonio, Texas)

"... your book [Abigail's Journey] is the best romance novel I've read in years... I love the book's originality and warm setting. In case nobody has mentioned this: thank you for writing Abigail's Journey. May the Lord inspire and make your future works as pleasant." - A Reader

"Just letting you know Ms. Bronte how I love your story about Abby's journey... aside from the story itself, I was reminded how God richly bless[es] us in every situation we face... [just as] Paul said to the Thessalonians, 'give thanks in all circumstances for this is GOD's will for you in Christ Jesus'... keep up the good work and may God use you mightily to reach more people all over the globe about His LOVE! My favorite line? :-D 'When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I.' Thanks to you! I will always remember those words..." - Flori (a Christian from the Philippines)

"...reading Abigail's Journey, I slept at 2h00 in the morning because I could not sleep without finishing the whole story. I started it in the morning and finished it in the morning. From the Journey of the Heart to Abigail's Journey. To know that somebody had a healing power for someone's life and growing closer together like Abby and Jake did and how he got rid of his demons with the help of his dedicated friend, companion, wife and all, it really made me shed tears that no one but GOD could stop. Please keep on writing and your stories are not far fetched they are to the point, to the core, to the heart and are heartfelt. May God whom we serve engulf you with His wisdom and just know that He is the one who declared a blessing to you so be a blessing to others... grow and soar like an eagle." - Constance (South Africa)

"I have read all your online novels and just can't wait for the next one that you are bringing out [Mountain Wild]. But why do you have to end Greatest of These so soon? I have only one request from you. Please write a sequel to Abigail's Journey. I could relate to Abby and draw strength from her. It's like Jake and Abby are part of my life. I request to please write what happens to them... Please do write a sequel, I fervently ask you." - Sobana (India)

"I started reading the story of Abby's journey two months ago and believe it or not, I have already read it twice. I am on the final chapter already... I just accidentally read [the] story at work. It was downloaded in our computer. I am actually a call center agent. During those times that I don't have a call, I tend to read some short stories made by some of my colleagues. But then, I heard most of them talking about ABBY. Even the guys at work are talking about it and said that it was really a touching story and very peculiar. I am not into reading novels - specially the long ones because I easily get bored. But since it really got my attention and I got really curious, I gave myself the chance to read it. Though, when they told me about the characters, specially about Jake being raped, the first thing that comes to my mind is that I don't wanna read it. But still, since I got curious, I changed my mind. I guess, it really took you a lot of time to do that novel. It was the most interesting (can't think of a right word to describe it) novel I have ever read... I look up to Abby's courage, patience, understanding and faith. And Jake? well, he'd been through a lot (negative situations and experiences) but he still managed to keep his faith with the help of Abby. They'd been a good pair. I really look up to them. The moment I read their story and how they managed to go through it all, I thought that I want to be like her... I want to have faith and courage as she has... It somehow changed something in me. After I read the final chapter for the second time, I am planning to read it for the third time. :-) One thing that I learned that I can't forget in this story is about faith when I am down... 'the Lord is my shepherd, when my heart is overwhelmed, bring me to the rock that is higher than I. For thou is my shelter and my tower from the enemy' I duno if I have it exactly as it was written, but I understand it well and it will always stay in my heart... may you write more stories that does not only talk about love for family or better halfs but also talks about faith and love of God... More power to you and GOD BLESS!!" - Michelle (Philippines)

"I am a Christian, but only decided to turn my life over to Jesus a few years ago, so I need all the inspiration I can get. I am 37 years old and have always loved to read. Romance novels have always been a favorite for me, so I am very thankful to you for writing romance novels for us Christians. The Bible verses are an inspiration as well as the stories. I don't usually post comments on websites, but I was compelled to let you know how thoroughly I enjoy your books. I could hardly stop reading, especially the Journey series. I probably cried more than the characters and really hated to come to the end of the stories, especially 'Abigail's Journey'. I can't wait to read Terry's and Ricky's stories. I am also looking forward to 'Mountain Wild', because I love historical romances too. Thank you so much for these inspirational stories. I definitely plan on getting the entire Journey Series in paperback." - Charlotte (North Carolina)

"I read this novel [Abigail's Journey]......from the first word to the last. I have to say absolutely wonderful. It had [me] bawling like a baby and laughing hysterically in many places. This is the first of your stories I have read. Keep up the good work!....Would love it if you could come up with a sequel to this story. Absolutely mind blowing!.....Thanks again for putting it out there for all of us to read. You really bring the characters to life." - A Reader

"I just finished reading Abigail and I loved the book even more than the Journey [of the Heart].....I've never read anything like your books before, and I do read a lot, and they are soooo full of life. Thank God cause you are truly an inspiration. I would have loved to hear more about Terry's life, especially after he shared his feelings with Jake. I will start reading 'The Greatest of These' soon." - Princess Cordelia (Pretoria, South Africa)

"I recently read your story about Abigail's journey and fell in love with it... it was such a sweet and touching story. I even recommended it to my mum... I grew up in a Christian household and unlike my parents I would not consider myself a Christian although I do believe in God. Your story filled my heart with hope and love and meant a lot to me... I am 18 years old and a while back I was sexually assaulted. My friends at the time helped me through it and for that I am eternally grateful... I have always struggled with a fear of intimacy... I think in some ways I relate to Terry... your stories (Journey of the Heart as well as Abigail's Journey) showed me that life is full of bad and scary things but you can't let them take control of your life. And for that I want to thank you... I have read similar stories in my life but none have touched me as much as Abigail's Journey so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Will there be a sequel to Abigail's Journey?" - Christie (Dunedin, New Zealand)

"I loved Abigail's Journey... even after reading it through I can't help but read it again..." - A Reader

"I just read the last published chapter of your story 'Abigail's Journey'. I think it's extremely well written and I can't get enough of it. I read quite a bit and lately I had been craving a good story... this story fulfilled the craving most definitely. It made me cry, laugh out loud and I had tears of joy once or twice... that doesn't happen to me too often through books and stories so I'd thought id let you know it's marvelous... I have spent the last 3 evenings in my room on the computer just reading, wanting to know so badly what happens next. I felt I just had to let you know how much I appreciated this story and its prequel and I plan on reading the other featured stories. Thank you for a wonderful read!" - Stephanie

"Wow... it's [Abigail's Journey] really a great story... And I really love it!!!! Abby's attitude inspired me a lot!!!!!! What a masterpiece... Hope you can write more stories like that... God Bless you!!!! Thank you for inspiring us by means of your stories...." - A Reader
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