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At this, Jake opened his eyes and stared at her.

"What happened?" he asked in a confused and dazed voice. "Is anything wrong? Why are you in my room?"

"What do you mean?" she asked. "You were having a nightmare, and moaning in your sleep."

Suddenly, Jake covered his eyes with his hands.

"I remember now," he mumbled.

"Do you need to change your sheets?" she asked.

"No," replied Jake, "it wasn't so bad this time. Thanks for waking me up, Abby."

"Are you going to be all right?" she wondered. "Is it okay for me to leave you by yourself?"

"I'm fine," he answered, his voice still a little shaky. "You can go."

As she turned to leave, Jake called her back.


"Yes?" she replied. "What is it?"

"Could you leave the hallway light on?"

Leaving his door open and the hall light switched on, Abby returned to her room, and to a puzzled Izumi.

"He just had a bad dream," explained Abby, as she climbed beneath the covers. "I think I woke him up before it got too bad, but I need a better response time. He was still pretty shaken."

"If you had a baby monitor," suggested Izumi, "then you'd be able to hear him easier."

"That's not a bad idea," said Abby, suddenly brightening at the thought.

The next morning, Jake dressed and went to the kitchen, only to find Izumi making breakfast.

"Good morning!" Izumi greeted him cheerily.

"Where's Abby?" he asked.

"She went to run an errand," explained her mother. "Are you ready for breakfast?"

"Did Abby already eat?" asked Jake, sitting down at the table.

"She grabbed an apple and left, first thing this morning," answered Izumi. "You know how she is. Once Abby gets it in her mind to do something, she goes for it. Would you like some toast?"

"No thanks, Mrs. Johannes."

"I told you," reminded Izumi, "call me 'Mom.' No more of this 'Mrs. Johannes' business."

Just as Jake was finishing his breakfast, Abby triumphantly bounded through the front door with a shopping bag in hand.

"I found it, Mom!" she exclaimed happily, taking the parcel out to show Izumi.

Curious, Jake looked to see what Abby was holding.

"Isn't it a little early to start shopping for the babies?" he asked, upon seeing the object.

"This isn't for the triplets," smiled Abby. "It's for you. It's a baby monitor."
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