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"Thanks, Dennis," smiled Abby, greatly encouraged by his words.

"Could I ask a question?" he ventured. "How does Jake feel about you working with me?"

"He thinks you smile too much," replied Abby, starting up the jeep. "See you tomorrow!"

Dennis retrieved his target rings, gathered his fishing gear, and went inside.

When Abby returned home, she found Izumi sitting on the porch swing of the little yellow house.

"Well?" asked Izumi, expectantly. "What did Dennis say?"

"He not only agreed to train me, but he gave me my first taste of the trout-fly accuracy event. It's a lot more challenging than it looks!"

"The what?" asked Izumi. "I thought he was going to help you become an instructor."

"He is," said Abby, sitting down on the swing beside her mother. "I must score well, if I want to become certified. I have so much to learn! My roll cast leaves much to be desired."

"I'm sure you'll do fine," assured Izumi, patting her daughter's hand reassuringly.

"Where's Jake?" asked Abby. "You didn't have any trouble with him, did you?"

"Not a bit," replied Izumi. "I think he's already turned in."

Abby went into the house and tiptoed to Jake's room to check in on him. Since he had left the bedroom door half open, she quietly peered inside without making a sound. To her relief, Jake was peacefully asleep and undisturbed by any flashbacks. As she turned to leave, something caught her eye: on the nightstand beside his bed, stood the lamb shaped baby monitor.

"He [God] giveth His beloved [Jake] sleep."
~ Psalms 127:2 ~

end of chapter
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