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"A little," she confessed with a sleepy yawn. "Even summer nights can get chilly around here."

"I suppose you want to turn in," he sighed, a hint of disappointment sounding in his voice.

"I do have work tomorrow," replied Abby, realizing that Jake's firm grip on her hand was showing no signs of letting go. "Is my tent ready?" she asked.

"Yes," replied Jake, grasping her even tighter.

"You have to let me go, now," she said gently.

Reluctantly, Jake withdrew his hand and stuffed it into his pocket, his striking features bathed in shadow and light as the flames from the open campfire danced in the night breeze.

"I'm going to stay up awhile longer," he told her.

"Stay warm," said Abby, as she disappeared into her tent. Inside, she turned on the battery operated lantern that Terry had let them borrow. Jake could see her silhouette as she took off her sweater and climbed into the sleeping bag. "Good night," she called to him.

"Good night, Abby," he replied, as she clicked off the lantern. After spending a half hour by himself at the campfire, Jake went to his tent.

As the night wore on, the weather grew cold and blustery, making Abby suddenly wish for the down comforters back in her bedroom. Still blinking the sleep from her eyes, Abby fumbled for the sleeping bag zipper in the dark. From inside her tent, she could hear the waves crashing on the shore, telling her that a storm was probably coming.

"Dumb zipper," muttered Abby, wiggling the cold metal device back and forth. The more she tried to free herself, however, the more stuck the zipper became. Abby struggled to find the lantern in the dark, but since she had already moved about so much to get free, her bearings were completely turned around, so that she was no longer even sure which direction the front of the tent was in. Hating to admit that she needed help with something so ridiculous as a stuck zipper, Abby waited until the last moment before she called Jake's name. When the sound of the waves and wind muffled her call, Abby repeated the plea once more. "Jake! I need you!"

"I'm coming!" she heard a voice quickly reply. Moments later, Abby saw the flap to her tent open and a form silhouetted against the night sky appeared. "What is it?" asked Jake. "Are you all right?"

"No, I'm not all right," she whimpered. "I'm cold, tired, there's a storm brewing outside, and I can't get this stupid zipper to work. I want to go home, Jake."

"All right," he answered, trying to keep Abby calm, for he could hear the weariness in her voice. "Where's the lantern?" he asked, fumbling about in the dark.

"I can't remember," came her response. "I think it was on my left, but I'm all turned around."

"I'll be back in a second," said Jake, momentarily leaving the tent. Soon, Abby felt something large and warm around her shoulders.

"What was that?" Abby cried in confusion, for she was unable to see what had just touched her in the dark of the tent.

"That was my sleeping bag so you won't freeze until I get you out of here," replied Jake in a calming voice. "I'm still trying to find the light."

"Thanks," she sighed in relief, now noticing that she was able to feel Jake's body warmth still clinging to his sleeping bag.

"Wait a minute," said Jake, suddenly remembering that his digital camera flashed whenever he took a picture. The young man quickly went back to his tent and returned with the camera Terry had given him at the baby shower. A bright flash of light blinded Abby as Jake snapped a picture. "I found it," he announced, quickly locating the lantern in the momentary brilliance. As Jake adjusted the brightness on the battery-operated lantern, the tent gradually lit up.
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