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"Too bad none of us thought to check the weather forecast, yesterday!" exclaimed John, giving Jake an odd glance as the young man woke up. Just then, he noticed the hold that Jake still had on his daughter's hand. It was the first time John had ever seen Jake touch Abby in any shape or fashion, (save for the handshake when they married).

"Jake, let go," requested Abby, prying herself from his grasp. "Oh!" she exclaimed, rubbing her sore red hand. "You have the grip of a vise!"

"That's going to leave a bruise," observed John.

"Dad, can you get me out of this thing?" asked Abby, tugging at the zipper on her sleeping bag.

"Don't do that," said John, "or you'll make it worse! I'll go get my pliers."

Jake rubbed the sleep from his eyes, and began to roll up his sleeping bag.

"Sorry about your hand," he apologized.

Just then, Terry stuck in his head.

"You were right, Jake," greeted Terry, "it was going to rain last night! I'm glad you both kept dry."

With mouth wide open, Abby looked to Jake, who suddenly had somewhere else he wanted to be.

"You'd better run, Buster!" she exclaimed, as Jake scrambled from the tent. "It's a good thing for you I'm stuck in this sleeping bag!"

"Honest," defended Jake, unable to keep from grinning, "the weatherman only said there was a 'slight chance' of rain!"

"But a better than slight chance of taking advantage of a situation!" she cried.

"I admit," reasoned Jake, "I thought it would probably rain, but so what?"

"'So what'?!" she exclaimed. "So this was all planned-- that's what!"

"Abigail," interjected Terry, "Jake didn't drag you out here against your will!"

"And," added Jake in his own defense, "you can't blame me for the timing of the rain or you getting your own sleeping bag zipper stuck. That was just pure Providence!"

"What's going on?" asked John, returning with the pliers.

"Abby found out that Jake knew it was probably going to rain," explained Terry.

"He did, huh?" smiled John at his embarrassed son-in-law. "I thought as much."

"Dad! Who's side are you on?" cried Abby from within the tent.

"Sweetheart, you married the man," replied John frankly, crawling inside to free the zipper. "Face it, Abby, Jake's a romantic at heart."

"Just wait until I get out of here!" she shouted, as her father forced the zipper free.

When Abby scrambled outside the tent, Jake quickly backed away, silently waiting for the worst. Instead of continuing their argument, however, Abby walked past him and straight for home.

"Go after her," Terry coaxed Jake. "I'll clean up here."

"Abby, wait!" cried Jake, jogging to catch up with her.
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