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"All right," he shrugged, somewhat disappointed that he couldn't tag along with Abby.

"I hate to drag you through the grocery store," she explained, seeing his downcast face. "You need to give your body a chance to heal itself."

"Are you afraid I'm going to have a flashback in the checkout," he wondered, "because you don't have to make up an excuse to keep me home. All you have to do is ask-- I'll understand."

"If you want to come, you can," replied Abby, not trying to make a bigger deal out of it than it really was. "Honestly, I wasn't thinking about your flashbacks. I only thought you'd need the rest."

"Okay, I'll visit with Mom," accepted Jake. "I can't always guess what you're thinking, Abby. Always be honest with me, even if you think it might hurt my feelings."

"That's probably one request you don't have to worry about me keeping!" she smiled grimly. "Don't underestimate yourself, Jake. You often know me better than I know myself."

Later that morning, Terry and Abby hauled in the bounty they had just purchased at the supermarket, and wearily deposited it onto the Johanneses' kitchen table. Abby was glad she hadn't brought Jake along with them, for Terry had taken a long time to make up his mind over some "unscheduled" items that weren't on their grocery list. As they began to prepare for tomorrow's Thanksgiving meal, Abby heard her mother's laughter coming from the master bedroom at the end of the hallway. Intrigued, she went to the open doorway, and found Izumi showing Jake some childhood pictures of a very young Abigail.

"And this one was taken when we went on vacation at the Grand Canyon National Park," Izumi was saying, as Jake sat in a chair near the bed and looked at the photo album she was holding. "I took this picture when she fell asleep on John's lap," smiled the proud mother. "It's one of the few times she ever held still long enough to let one of her parents cuddle her. That girl! She wouldn't hold still for anyone-- not even Terry! Why, I remember..." Izumi looked up and noticed her daughter standing in the doorway. "Hi, Sweetheart! Did you and Terry get everything you need?"

"That, and then some," she groaned tiredly.

"Mom's been showing me your baby pictures," smiled Jake. "I think I like this one best." He held up the album to show a squealing toddler in her birthday suit, running down the hallway, covered head to toe in soapsuds. Behind her was John, patiently trying to return her to the bathtub from which she had escaped.

"Mom," protested Abby, "do you have to show everyone that photo? I think there's only one or two people left in Three Mile Bay who haven't seen it, yet!"

"Jake isn't 'everyone,'" insisted Izumi, "he's family. Besides, you look adorable in that picture!"

Just then, Terry called Abby back to the kitchen. As she and her uncle started work on the pumpkin pies, Jake entered the room and hung back, silently watching the two work. Unlike Abby, Terry could cook. Even though he didn't need more help, when Terry saw Jake wistfully watching the young woman, he offered to let the newcomer join in. Eagerly, Jake accepted the offer, and was soon standing beside Abby at the table, mixing this and measuring that.

"Abby," declared Terry, after searching the cupboards, "we didn't get the ground cinnamon."
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