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Without a single word, Jake and Abby quickly resumed their work. While Terry hadn't actually seen them kiss, he had witnessed enough to guess what he had interrupted. Not wanting to embarrass the young couple any further, the delighted uncle wisely chose to remain silent.

When lunchtime neared, John appeared from his office, where he had been tying up some loose ends before walking away for the Thanksgiving weekend.

"Everything smells good," he complimented the trio. "Abby, how about a chocolate chip cookie for your poor, old Dad? Hummm?"

"Those are for tomorrow!" cried Abby, as her father accepted a sweet from Jake.

"Hey, these are pretty good!" exclaimed John, as if surprised that anything good could come from the same kitchen that his daughter was in.

After John accepted a cookie for Izumi, he left the cooks to their work. The pumpkin pies were done, and the rest of the chocolate chip cookies were cooling off. As Terry worked on that day's lunch, Jake and Abby exchanged private glances at one another behind his back.

"I think the egg salad is still a little flat," sighed Terry. "Jake, what do you think?"

"It needs more seasoning," agreed Jake, catching Abby's gaze once more.

"I can't say the same about you two," Terry mumbled with a grin.

When lunch was finally ready, John prepared Izumi's tray, and ate with her in the master bedroom. Feeling like an intruder, Terry took his plate to the living room, leaving the newlyweds to themselves.

In the privacy of the now empty kitchen, Jake and Abby continued where they had left off, until one of them realized that they needed to eat, before Terry came back.

"Couldn't we leave?" pleaded Jake.

Unable to resist, Abby gave in.

"Uncle Terry?" she asked, approaching the man who was busily eating his lunch on the couch. "Could Jake and I take a break, and come back in a little while?"

With a knowing smile, Terry excused them both from any further kitchen duties for the day.

Then Abby followed Jake across the way to their little yellow house. When the front door closed, the man and wife began to kiss once more. As happy as they both were at this new discovery, a problem soon became apparent. Except for a kiss, Jake couldn't touch his wife. Even hand holding was still difficult for him.

"I'm sorry," he apologized for the second time. "I don't know what's wrong with me! It's not because I don't love you," explained Jake. "Please, don't think that this has anything to do with you." He tried to kiss her again, but Abby moved away.

"I think we need to cool off," said Abby, for she could tell his chest was causing him pain, even though he was struggling hard to hide it from her.
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