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"Sweetheart," explained Izumi, "we know you and Jake probably have a lot of financial strains right now-- especially since he's been in the hospital."

"I wanted to hang on to your college money," continued John, "in case you ever changed your mind about furthering your education. But, since that doesn't look like it's going to happen, we decided to give it to you now. Where's Jake? We were going to make a whole presentation out of it until Terry here spilled the beans!"

"That check is not just from your father and I," added Izumi. "Terry's been freely contributing to your college fund for years."

"You didn't have to tell her that, Izzy!" exclaimed Terry. "She didn't need to know!"

Abby went to her uncle and gave him a big hug, which was rapidly followed by Izumi and John.

"I need to show this to Jake!" said Abby, stunned by this sudden windfall. "But, don't you guys need this money?" she quickly remembered. "What about the triplets?"

"God is providing for your sisters, just as He's providing for you," said John. "That's your money, Abby."

"Don't spend it all in one place!" laughed Terry.

"She just might, depending on what Jake's medical expenses look like," warned John, soberly.

"Dick said the state is paying for Jake's hospital stay and the medications," said Abby. "At least, that's what he told us."

"Well, you do with it whatever you and Jake deem best," said John.

"Abby, there was one other thing I wanted to talk to you about," ventured Terry. "With your baby being due next May, I was wondering if you've given any thought as to how you're going to fit a car seat into that jeep of yours."

"I don't understand," replied Abby. "What do you mean?"

"By law, you're required to put the baby's car seat in the back seat," explained Terry, "and for practical purposes, your little jeep doesn't have one. I don't think those fold down seats count, do you, John?"

"I'd hate to stake my child's life on it," he hesitated in agreement.

"You're saying I need to buy a new car?" Abby gasped in surprise. "Just because I'm going to have a baby?"

"Welcome to parenthood, Sweetheart," smiled Izumi.

"Now aren't you sorry you didn't listen to me and get that sensible sedan I recommended so highly?" chuckled John.

"You can't put a canoe on top of a sedan!" Abby exclaimed. "Besides, who would've thought in a million years that this would've ever happened! I guess I know where this money is going."

"Not so fast," continued Terry. "I would like to propose a trade. Your jeep for my crew cab pickup truck. The back seat doesn't fold down, so it will easily accommodate a baby. Plus, it has the four wheel capability that I know you love. What do you say, Abby?"

"Your shiny red pickup?" she cried in disbelief. "Why, that's your pride and joy! Your truck is worth a lot more!"

"Your jeep will suit me just fine," replied Terry. "Think it over, Abby. It'll save money. There's no need to buy another vehicle, when this swap will answer everyone's needs."

"Uncle Terry," sighed Abby, overwhelmed by her adopted uncle's generosity, "I can afford another car with this check. I hate to take your truck from you!"
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