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Both horrified and delighted by the suggestion, Jake stared at her, incredulously.

"It's a big mattress," she smiled.

"I thought you were going to let me go at my own speed," he reminded her.

"And I am," replied Abby, snuggling down under her now warm blankets. "I only made a suggestion. It's up to you to act on it."

Jake was thoughtfully silent. When he suddenly realized he was sitting on her bed, he quickly jumped off.

"Good night," mumbled Jake, exiting the bedroom as fast as he could.

Abby smiled. At least he had stopped thinking about his financial outlook. From the baby monitor on her nightstand, Abby could hear Jake restlessly moving about in his room. She wondered if she had made a mistake in making the invitation, but her instincts had told her that Jake was ready for such a step.

To Abby's dismay, the telephone suddenly rang. She looked at the clock and groaned. She had just gotten the bed warm! Grabbing her robe, Abby hurried to the living room to answer the phone.

"Abby, it's Dick," said the caller. "Your father told me this evening that you received some bills from Jake's recent hospital stay."

"That's right," replied Abby, "several thousand dollars worth! I thought you said the State would take care of it."

"You never were supposed to get those bills," explained Dick. "I just got off the phone with Governor Smith, and he said to put everything into a large envelope and send it directly to his office. The State of New York is going to keep its word and pay for Jake's medical expenses."

"Thanks, Dick," said Abby, "that's great news."

"I'm sorry it gave you and Jake such a scare," apologized Dick. "Well, I'll let you go now. It's getting late. I hope you both have a Happy Thanksgiving, tomorrow!"

When Abby hung up the phone, Jake entered the living room, careful to maintain a good distance from her.

"I thought I heard you say Dick's name," said Jake. "Was that him on the telephone just now?"

When Abby related the news to Jake, he looked very much relieved.

"I guess," she mused, "it's the least the State could do, after what they did to you."

Jake hung back, as Abby passed him to return to her bedroom. As she slid beneath the covers, she could hear him rummaging around in his room for something. Curious, Abby was about to go see what he was up to, when Jake appeared in her doorway with a rolled up sleeping bag in his arms.

"I thought I'd give it a try," he sighed, looking apprehensively at the large mattress. It suddenly didn't look big enough.

"I promise to keep to myself," smiled Abby, as her husband unrolled the sleeping bag on top of her blankets on the opposite end of the bed.

"I'm trusting you to keep your word," he replied, in a shaky voice.

As he was about to climb in, Jake noticed that the hallway light was off. After turning it on and leaving the bedroom door completely open, Jake finally zipped himself into the heavy sleeping bag.

"Just watch the fish," she heard him whisper to himself.
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