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"Here's their diaper bag," she said, handing Terry a pastel bag printed in a floral design.

Terry dutifully slid his shoulder into the strap and looked at her helplessly.

"Aw, Izzy," he groaned, "have a heart!"

Just then, John entered the room and saw Terry's sheepish face as he shouldered the floral diaper bag.

"You're not making him go out in that, are you?" he asked Izumi.

"See?" cried Terry. "Even John thinks I look stupid!"

"It's the only bag big enough to hold all their things," reasoned Izumi in a practical voice. "I don't see what you men are fighting about. One look at this stroller, and no one will be noticing that Terry's wearing my old purse."

"Purse!" whimpered Terry, glimpsing the girls once more as if determining whether or not such humiliation was worth it. To his chagrin, it was.

"For pity's sake, Little Dove," chuckled John, "he's just taking them out for a few minutes around town, not across country!"

"Make sure you keep their hoods down," instructed Izumi, pulling down the shades over the three seated tandem stroller. "And make sure you have them back in time for their next feeding! You didn't forget your cell phone, did you? Call if you need us to come and pick you up for any reason."

"I will," promised Terry, impatient to hit the sidewalk with his tiny nieces. "Well, do we pass muster, Izzy?"

"I suppose so," hesitated Izumi, for this was the first time she was letting anyone take the girls out of the house without her.

"Now, don't you go worrying," he grinned. "I've handled babies, before. You and John have a good time with the house to yourselves for awhile."

Terry angled the long stroller out the front door, and into the bright March sunlight and chilly air. Each girl's seat was situated behind the other, so that Terry resembled a long train, except that this engine was pushing, instead of pulling.

"Okay, little bits," he laughed, "here we go!"

The adopted uncle made his way to the sidewalk beside the main road and pushed the girls toward an elderly couple who were out to enjoy the weather.

"Oh, my!" exclaimed the old woman, turning as Terry and the girls passed them.

Seeing they had an audience, Terry slowed down so the couple could catch up.

"Good morning!" he greeted, as if a sight such as himself and the girls were nothing at all special. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Are those triplets?" inquired the elderly woman, in amazement.

"Why, yes," Terry smiled proudly, "they are!"

After a few compliments, Terry moved on. Only minutes after the last couple, he met two women engrossed in some conversation, waiting for a break in the traffic so they could cross the road. When they saw the girls, the ladies immediately came over.
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