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"Nothing," she laughed, shaking her head of the thought that had made her smile. "God will find happiness for Uncle Terry," said Abby, confidently. "After knowing you, I realize that nothing is impossible for God-- even love."

"What were you thinking?" pressed Jake, leaning forward with inquisitive brown eyes.

"If I told you, you'd only be embarrassed," she warned him.

"I'm willing to risk it," smiled Jake.

"Okay," laughed Abby, "you asked for it! I was just thinking that I have a very cute husband."

"Cute?" Jake wasn't so sure he liked that. "Is cute supposed to be good?"

"It is for me," she smiled.

"If you say so," he tried to shrug it off. "Don't tell Terry what I told you."

"I won't," said Abby, still smiling at his bashful face. "Jake," she observed, "you're blushing!"

Jake opened his mouth to protest, but he could feel how warm his face felt, and realized that she was probably right.

"You really like doing this to me, don't you," he mused, leaning toward her and planting one hand on her table. "Just don't say that in public, Abby. It's a little embarrassing."

"I told Dad that I thought you were cute the very first day we met," she informed him, "so it's too late, now."

"In prison," he explained, "being cute or pretty isn't a good thing. I guess on the outside, things are different. Until you, attracting attention by the way I look has never been a blessing."

"Oh, come on," she smiled, "as if you needed a handsome face to get my attention!"

"I didn't, huh?" he grinned. "But, it might've helped... just a little?"

"It might have," smiled Abby, "just a little. But, the real attraction was in here," she said, extending her hand and touching his heart. Jake quickly caught her fingers and kissed them.

"Don't say the cute word in public?" he pleaded.

"If it makes you so uncomfortable, I won't," promised Abby, as he still clutched her hand.

"As big as I may get," Jake teased Abby, spying her large belly, "you'll still find me attractive?"

"Oh, absolutely," she laughed, as Jake chuckled and followed it with a kiss for his wife.

"I love you," he sighed.

One late afternoon, still in early March, as Abby sat working at her computer, she heard a car door slam shut in front of the little yellow house. Curious, she went to the window and saw Dick a few feet from their porch, pausing for a moment to look over the beauty of the thawing bay.

Puzzled as to why he should be here, Abby opened the door and greeted him.
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