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As if seconding his grandpa's sentiments, Ricky smiled from his small bouncy chair on the floor, kicking his feet until he gently bobbed up and down.

"Say, I think he likes that baby bouncer," remarked Sheriff Peterson, backing away from the table just long enough to see Ricky's happy grin. Then he noticed the locked hands of Jake and Abby, and smiled to himself.

The food started making its way around the table, until everyone's plates were full. Dr. Jacoby laughed at one of Terry's jokes, while Mrs. Peterson and Izumi discussed the best way to potty train children. Dick related news about when the first advisory board was going to take place, and Abby listened carefully. To her surprise and joy, it wouldn't convene until after summer, so that Jake wasn't expected to go anywhere, for now. She wasn't too eager for her husband to come into contact with the people that ran the prison where he had been incarcerated, and prayed that God would get them through whatever obstacles they might come against.

Soon, the conversation changed to the local news, and Abby began to feel her eyes slowly becoming heavy. Someone's laughter quickly brought her back, and she was embarrassed to find everyone smiling at her.

"I think someone's had a long day!" chuckled Dick, as he wadded his napkin and tossed it onto his empty plate.

Abby wasn't the only tired one, for Ricky and the triplets had dozed off long ago; even Izumi was secretly hoping that their guests would go home so she could climb into bed and get some much needed rest.

"Well," sighed Dr. Jacoby, pushing away from the table and patting his full stomach, "I think it's time I start heading back. That was a very good meal, Mrs. Johannes."

"Thank John," smiled Izumi, "he arranged the whole thing. All I had to do was unpack it and put it on the table."

"No one orders restaurant food, better than Dad," yawned Abby, struggling to keep her eyes open.

"Jake," chuckled John, "I think you'd better take my daughter home, before she falls asleep at the table!"

"Come on, Abby," he agreed, "it's time to go home." Jake picked up a slumbering Ricky and led Abby to the front door. "Thanks for the party, everyone," he said, gratefully. "We'll always remember it." Abby nodded in agreement, while everyone wished them a good night and a happy anniversary.

The cool night air somewhat revived Abby, but Ricky remained fast asleep in his father's arms.

"What about Ricky's chair?" she suddenly remembered, as they walked across the way to their yellow house.

"I'll get it later," Jake replied, opening the screen to their porch and letting Abby inside. "Would you get the front door?" he asked, handing her the keys, for Ricky was still asleep, and Jake didn't want to awaken him with any unnecessary movements.

Once inside, Abby kicked off her shoes and was about to put Ricky to bed, when Jake intervened.

"I'll take care of Ricky," he assured her, as his wife tried to stifle a sleepy yawn. "Go to bed, Abby."

Too tired to resist his helpfulness, Abby wearily nodded, and went down the hall to the bathroom to get ready for bed.

Ricky's eyes barely opened at all as Jake carefully pulled off his small shirt and pants. Then he dressed the baby in a sleeper before placing him into the crib. With fatherly pride, Jake watched in awe of the tiny person God had placed into his care. It was a sacred responsibility, and Jake felt the burden of it every time that small chest went up and down with each breath.

"Are you sleeping on the floor, tonight?" yawned Abby, taking off her robe and climbing into bed.

One look at her nightgown, and Jake knew that he was.
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