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As if sensing that she was needed, Abby turned over with a low moan. Her eyes blinked open, and she saw the two men in her life looking back at her.

"Good evening," greeted Jake, moving Ricky's tiny fist into a wave. "We've been waiting for you, Mommy."

"Is it really evening?" yawned Abby.

"It sure is," said Jake, lifting out the hungry baby and giving him to Abby. "I think someone's ready for his dinner."

To Ricky's satisfaction, he was soon happily nursing in Abby's arms.

After giving the yawning woman a wake up kiss, Jake went to their small kitchen and prepared a meal for Abby and himself. The house was mostly bare, so Jake could hear the strange sounds of hollow echoes as he jostled the frying pan over the stove while he made dinner. Like the saltwater aquarium, the rooms were eerily empty and lifeless. If it hadn't been for the hushed voice of Abby's lullaby as she nursed Ricky in the bedroom, Jake could have easily felt lonely.

When the food was ready, he and Abby ate on the bed in their room, for it was the only place left in the house to sit. They were halfway through dinner, when someone knocked on the front door.

"I'll get it," offered Jake, setting down his plate and encouraging Abby to continue without him.

The visitor was Terry, and as Jake showed him into the crowded living room, Terry made a heartfelt request.

"I was wondering," he hesitated, "if you and Abby would let us keep Ricky for the night? It would mean a lot to us."

"I'll go ask Abby," nodded Jake, understandingly.

It didn't take long before Terry was loaded down with infant formula, clean diapers, Ricky's favorite yellow giraffe blanket, a spare sleeper, and a half awake baby boy with a full tummy.

"We really appreciate this," Terry smiled gratefully. After exchanging good nights, the uncle carried his precious bundle to the Johanneses' house.

Now that the little home was even emptier than before, Abby retreated to the bedroom and began to cry. From the living room, Jake could hear her homesick sobs. He sighed heavily. They were departing on the day after tomorrow, and he knew she was already missing her family.

As Jake was about to close the front door, he noticed the moon that so frequently bathed everything in soft light, was tonight only a thin slice of brilliance in the dark sky, making the beach more private than usual.

While Abby wept into her pillow, she felt the bed give, and then the gentle touch of Jake's hand on her shoulder.

"Abby," he pleaded, "don't cry."

"I c-can't help it!" she sobbed fitfully.

"Do you want to stay in Three Mile Bay?" wondered Jake.

"N-no!" came her tearful response.

"I love you," he tenderly reminded her.

"I love you t-too!" Abby was weeping even harder than before, and Jake was struggling to know what to do.

"Are you frightened?" he asked. "I could pray, again."
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