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"Are you going to turn him into an angler?" laughed Mr. O'Shea, who had a prosperous law firm in Three Mile Bay.

"Why didn't you bring Jake out here, so we could meet him?" asked Dr. Gregory.

"I told you, he's skittish around men," repeated Abby.

"I'm going up the shore to wade out a piece," said Mr. O'Shea. "It's getting too crowded here."

"I think I'll go down shore," said another, until they finally were spread out evenly along the waterfront.

The only person missing from this gathering was Tyler, who still hadn't come to speak to Abby as he had said he would. Abby thought it was just as well.

Time went by quickly for Abby. In fact, she became so involved in her fishing, that she didn't even notice when John and Terry came home from their business trip from Alexandria Bay.

"Hey, little fishing buddy, catch anything today?" greeted Terry, coming to where she stood. He waved to some of the others and continued to watch Abby's line for any signs of a bite.

"When did you get back?" she smiled.

"Just now," Terry replied.

"Did everything go okay?" she inquired, reeling her line in a little.

"Yup," he answered a little absentmindedly. "Did you and Izzy do all right while we were gone?"

"Uh-huh," said Abby, only half listening. "Did you see the surface water break over there?"

"Maybe it's Ole Sequoia," laughed Terry, for that bass was supposed to be the smartest fish in the bay, successfully escaping one angler after another, leaving them only with tales of how they had almost landed the wily creature.

"It's gone now," said Abby, her attention returning to the conversation. "Did you get me anything?"

"I thought you were too old for surprises!" laughed Terry, pulling a small box from his pants pocket.

"I am, but you always get me a surprise," smiled Abby, accepting the package from him. "What is it?"

"I got that lure in a shop in Alexandria Bay," explained Terry, as she opened the small cardboard box.

"Wow!" exclaimed Abby. "I've never seen this pattern before! I can hardly wait to try it out!"

Just then, Abby heard her father's voice calling from the house.

"Abby!" shouted John, "get in here!"

"What did you do?" Terry asked in a surprised voice, for John sounded angry.

"Search me," shrugged Abby, handing her beloved fly rod to Terry. "Don't let it float away," she cautioned.

"That only happened once," pointed out Terry.

"Today, Abby!" shouted John.

By now, John had gotten the attention of every church angler on the shore. They turned to see what was going on, and called to Terry to ask if anything was wrong. Terry could only shrug, and wonder like the rest of them.

"What is it, Dad?" asked Abby, running to the house.

"Did you leave Jake in your bedroom?" John asked angrily.

"Yes, he wanted to watch the fish," explained Abby. "Why, is he still here?"
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