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Dr. Jacoby was about to say something more, when Abby replied,

"You're sorry that you've put me 'though all this'?" she repeated, questioningly. "Through all what? Our friendship? If that's what you mean, then I don't accept it! Did you see me handcuffed to you, when you were having flashbacks? Was a gun pointed to my head when I accepted your proposal? Can you honestly tell me that any of this was against my will? If you want out, then fine. But never apologize to me for being you! I hate it when you do that, Jake! I just hate it!"

With that, Abby got up and ran outside, leaving the room completely still. Every nerve in Jake's being strained to go after Abby, but he struggled to keep his peace. Izumi whispered something into John's ear, and John nodded in agreement.

"Jake," said John, "why don't you go see if she's all right. I think we can take it from here."

"But," hesitated Jake, "you don't know what I've done, Mr. Johannes. You don't know me."

"I think I do," said John. "And even if I don't, Abby does. I trust her heart."

Jake sat there, unsure what was happening.

"You have my support, Jake," said Dr. Jacoby.

"And mine," said Sheriff Peterson.

"My vote is 'yes,'" said Terry. "God help you both. You're going to need it."

"She's yours, Jake," smiled Izumi.

With a burst of energy, the young man jumped up and ran out the front door.

"Don't look so sad, John," sighed Dick, happily. "You haven't lost a daughter, you've gained a son!"

Izumi wiped the tears from her eyes, and hugged her husband.

Outside, Jake searched the waterfront in vain for Abby. When he checked the little yellow house, he noticed that the fishing gear was missing. Jake grabbed his jacket and headed back outside. All that afternoon he searched, until he at last spotted her walking down the road back to her home.

"Where were you?" he demanded, his voice betraying how concerned he had become.

"I was fishing," replied Abby, surprised by his sudden demand for an explanation.

"I thought something had happened to you," he explained.

"Well, nothing happened," said Abby. "Are they gone yet?" she asked, referring to the meeting that had taken place in her parents' living room.

"The meeting is over, but I think everyone is still there," replied Jake.

"I wish they'd go home," sighed Abby. "Why are you still following me? Can't you leave me alone for awhile?"

"Abby?" asked Jake, shoving his hands into his pockets.

"What?" asked Abby, turning to face him.

"Abby, they said 'yes,'" related Jake.

"You wouldn't be kidding me, would you?" she asked.

"I swear, it's true," said Jake. "The vote was unanimous."

"Even Dad?" gasped Abby, in shock.

Jake smiled.
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