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John suddenly became pale.

"Terry! What do I tell her?" John began to pace back and forth.

"Just hand her the pink box. I think she'll get the idea." John nodded, biting another cracker.

"I'll do that. Thanks Terry." As John disappeared behind the bedroom door, Terry grinned. He had never seen his friend so nervous in all his life!

John sat on the bed beside Izumi, and stroked her hand.

"What's wrong with me, John? This has never happened before."

"Little Dove, I think you better take this," he said seriously, handing her the box.

"Saltine crackers. Thank you, John. I think I could keep this down." John looked at the box he had handed her.

"Oh, wrong one." John handed Izumi the pink package. Her eyes grew wide.

"Dear God," she exclaimed, "make it to be so!" She eagerly jumped from the bed and ran to the bathroom. Terry stuck his head in, when he saw Izumi fly by.

"Well, how did she take it? Did she understand what the kit was for? How long before we know?" asked Terry, anxiously.

"I don't know," said John as he walked to the bathroom door.

"Dove, how long before we know?"

"The box said five minutes," she called back. John turned to Terry, who was standing beside him.

"She said five minutes," he repeated. Terry nodded.

"So I hear," he laughed. "Sit down and relax. You've already done your part. The rest is up to God and Izzy." The minutes slowly ticked away. John checked the clock every ten seconds, and anxiously paced the floor.

"She should know by now," John said, pointing to the clock. The bathroom door opened. Izumi stepped out with a beaming face.

"I'm so happy!" she exclaimed, as John hugged her tightly. "No one in the world can be happier than me!"

"No one, Little Dove?" John asked as he looked into her blue eyes. A flood of happiness swept through husband and wife as they stood there. Terry left the house, so they could enjoy the news by themselves.

"If anyone deserves it, God, they do," he prayed thankfully.

"Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit
of the womb is His reward."
~ Psalm 127:3 ~

end of chapter
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