Journey of the Heart : Table of Contents
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What others are saying about Journey of the Heart:

"The moment I began reading this story [Journey of the Heart] my heart was captured. I have never read any of your works before, but, instantly I knew I would again. I'm only on chapter 10, yet, your writing style inspired me to stop and let you know how greatly I'm enjoying it. It is so wonderful to read quality Christian fiction, that truly ministers and touches the heart. I can't wait to finish the story." - a 'baby' fan, Melissa

"I just finished reading 'Journey of the Heart' and thoroughly enjoyed the story. I especially enjoyed how you frequently used Scripture to enhance the meaning behind the story, just as the Lord is behind us in all we say and do, with His Spirit and His Word as an encouragement... Thank you for the pleasure of being able to freely read your stories." - Joanne

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Table of Contents

"It had been a journey of the heart, more than anything else."

Chapter One: No Longer a Child

Chapter Two: A Rebellious Daughter

Chapter Three: The Dishonored Son

Chapter Four: Solitary Tear

Chapter Five: Night Vigil

Chapter Six: Window Reflections

Chapter Seven: What Time I Am Afraid

Chapter Eight: Three Mile Bay

Chapter Nine: Joy in the Morning

Chapter Ten: Anticipation

Chapter Eleven: Shame the Sea

Chapter Twelve: He Will Never Forget

Chapter Thirteen: On Fire

Chapter Fourteen: My Little Dove

Chapter Fifteen: From This Day Forward

Chapter Sixteen: She Must Know

Chapter Seventeen: Wildflower

Chapter Eighteen: Childhood Friends

Chapter Nineteen: Closer Than a Brother

Chapter Twenty: Five Minutes

Chapter Twenty-one: Love Endureth All Things

Chapter Twenty-two: All Things Are Possible

Chapter Twenty-three: Laughter and Tears

Chapter Twenty-four: He is Able

Verse Collection PDF: All the verses found in Journey of the Heart.

What others are saying about Journey of the Heart:

"[Journey of the Heart] is by far the most beautiful love story that I have ever read in my life." - Amy

"I just finished reading your book [Journey of the Heart]. The Lord put it in front of me on a day I needed it most. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy it." - Jenelle

"Journey of the Heart was a great story. I just couldn't leave it. What a great inspiration!" - Debbie

"I enjoyed reading 'Journey of the Heart' very much. May God bless you for being a blessing to me. - Jeni

"Thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Journey of the Heart'. It is undoubtedly one of the best..." - Rani

"Your story Journey of the Heart was wonderful... this was by far the best [story] I've read in a long while. I am going to read more of your stories... I'm sure they will be as good as this one." - A Reader

"Thank you Judith, I enjoyed this story [Journey of the Heart] so much. Last night I could not sleep, oh, how I wish I had found this to read, I was up until after three A.M. Tonight I was ready for bed early and then I started to read. It is now after 12:00. I could not find a stopping place. I know I will sleep good tonight. God bless you and thank you for sharing God's word..." - Bettie

"I came across your website and I just read Journey of the Heart and I loved it!!! Do you have books that can be purchased? I have read a lot of books and I think you are a great writer!! Keep the stories coming!!!" - Leah

"This is the first time [I've] read a novel [Journey of the Heart] that focused on love... Though it seems that it is a basic love story, you catch my attention... I could [feel] the encouragement... you're an effective writer. Praise God for that talent..." - A Reader

"I read almost all your stories online (except 'The Greatest of These') and all I can say is that your stories are like a breath of fresh mountain air from the congested world of romance novels..." - Zorayda (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

"I really enjoyed Journey of the Heart and was really able to relate to some of the things Izzy was going through, God bless you for ministering to me..." - A Reader

"...your words make me live in a romantic world that I love... God bless you." - Mohammad (Egypt)

"I just saw your website, it's very appealing and fresh. I am already in love with your stories, they are very tranquil, with very charming characters. Your situations move beautifully. Keep writing for us." - Marghay (Pakistan)

"I have been oppourtuned to read 3 of your online blessings {I mean novels} I have been blessed and I have learnt so much from the open love shown by these couples as well as the gentility of the women and refinement of the men. God Bless you for showing that Christian relationship too is exciting. May the Lord continually use you for His Glory. AMEN" - A Reader

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