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Chapter Twenty-four
He is Able

"She was a woman of good understanding, and of a beautiful countenance."
~ 1 Samuel 25:3 ~

Izumi gazed into her daughter's blue eyes. She caressed the tiny head, and marveled at the profusion of black hair.

"Look!" she cried to John, "Look at her tiny fingers!" John was grinning ear to ear. He was pleased to find that the baby looked so much like his Dove. A nurse had went to find Terry, and soon, he too was admiring the tiny bundle.

"Congratulations, John and Izzy!" he exclaimed, peering at the baby. "What's her name?" John smiled broadly,

"Abigail Dove Johannes." Terry's eyes widened.

"Hey! You used my suggestion!" John and Izumi HAD used Terry's suggestion. Abigail, King David's wife, was described as "a woman of good understanding, and of a beautiful countenance." They both wished their daughter to be "a woman of good understanding," and the baby already had a "beautiful countenance." John had insisted on the middle name. Abigail was the image of his wife.

"Now I have two doves," he said tenderly, looking at his small family.

"I can't believe you used my suggestion," repeated Terry, still amazed. Two days later, John brought Izumi and Abigail home from the hospital.

"John," said Izumi, "you haven't held Abby yet." John backed away,

"No, I would break her."

"She's your daughter. You won't break her," replied Izumi confidently. "Here, take her. Make sure you support her head." John gingerly held his daughter.

"She's so light," he observed. Everyone was cooing and laughing, when they were interrupted by a knock at the front door.

"I'll get it," said Terry, tearing himself away from the small group. Terry opened the door to find a tall blonde-headed woman.

"Does Izumi live here?" she asked.

"Yes," said Terry, "I'll get her." He turned to call Izumi to the door, but the woman pushed her way through, and soon stood in the small livingroom. Izumi looked up in surprise.

"Mother!" she exclaimed. John got up, and stood beside Izumi, lending her strength by being close by.

"I won't say I'm happy to see you again," began Anna, "after the abrupt way you left. So," she said, staring at the baby from her side of the room, "that's how you kept your husband. I was not so fortunate, I had a girl." Izumi sat still, stunned by her mother's cruelty.

"Mrs. Mizukiyo, this is Abigail, my daughter," announced John calmly. He was angry, but determined not to let it show. Her teeth clenched, at the thought that her daughter's husband would not treat Izumi the same way Yoichi had treated her.

"I am going to sell the house. Sign this deed," she demanded, holding out a sheet of white paper to Izumi. John stepped forward and took the paper from her hand. After he glanced at the form, he handed it to his wife. Izumi looked at him, half hoping he would speak for her.

"Dove, it's your house. You make the decision." Izumi gathered her courage.

"I always wondered why your parents left me the house, and not you. Now that I'm a parent, I think I know. I want my daughter to obey God, and be safe. My grandparents must have wanted the same for me." Izumi held Abby close, as her mother glared at her only child.

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