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When Emma reached the door, she found Josiah calmly standing beside the fireplace. In a far corner, Mary was crouched against the wall, her eyes wide with terror.

"What happened?" panted Emma.

Josiah shrugged. "I got up to put more wood on the fire, and she ran off screaming."

Sighing with relief, Emma went to the corner, gently pulling Mary back to her small bed. "He won't hurt you. I promise, he won't." Emma glared up at the large mountain man, and he rolled his eyes. "I have to fetch water. Will you be all right without me?"

Mary shook her head that she would not be all right, so Emma bundled the child into her winter blankets and then took her outside to help retrieve the water bucket.

When the girls returned with freshly drawn water, Josiah was back on his buffalo robes, lying on his stomach.

The cabin needed tidying, and as Emma went about her daily routine, the timid little person at her side kept getting under foot-- mostly because she was hiding from Josiah. Mary went to great lengths to keep behind Emma's deerskin dress, so much so, that Emma stepped on the poor girl's foot more than once.

"Why don't you play with your doll?" Emma said as kindly as she could, without sounding as though she were trying to get rid of Mary.

Mary peeked around Emma's dress, only to find Josiah watching them. The girl looked up at Emma with frightened dark eyes, vigorously shaking her head, "no."

"He won't hurt you," Emma smiled gently.

Mary didn't look at all sure, and refused to leave Emma's side for even a moment.

"Would you like to talk while I work?" suggested Emma. She hoped Mary's fear of Josiah, might help the girl overcome her fear of this strange white woman who was now her ma. But Mary's braids shook "no" so Emma worked in silence, making the small cabin remarkably quiet for two adults and a five-year old.

Emma took out buffalo jerky for lunch, and Josiah made room on the bed so Emma could join him while they ate. Mary, however, was terrified to be by herself, so Emma sat on Mary's robe and the cabin had a very quiet lunch.

Supper was also eaten in silence, and afterward, Emma readied the lodge for bedtime. After Emma tucked Mary into her blankets by the fire, the girl grabbed Emma's dress and refused to let go.

"I can't sleep here," Emma said kindly. "I have my own bed." Emma glanced in Josiah's direction and saw that he was closely following every word. "Now, lay back Mary, and go to sleep. I'll just be over there, on the other side of the fireplace."

"No," whimpered Mary, holding on even tighter.

"Where's your doll?" Emma suddenly remembered. She looked about the bed, and picked up the small figurine clad in animal skins. Placing it under Mary's arm, Emma unwound the small fingers clinging to her dress. "Do you want me to hear your bedtime prayer?"

"What is that?" puzzled Mary.
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