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"I know, I'd just feel more comfortable, if I came with Mary."

Sighing heavily, Josiah nodded in acquiescence. "Yer going to have to trust me more than this, Emma." Picking up his Hawken, he crawled headfirst from the lodge.

When the sound of his snowshoes disappeared, Emma snapped a long branch, tossing both halves into the fire. Flames crackled as smoke rose up through the vent hole in the low ceiling. Emma turned her gaze on Mary, and recognized the look of disappointment on her small face.

"If I'd known we would be away for the night, I would've brought one of your dolls," said Emma.

Mary nodded, but remained quiet.

Emma was thoughtfully silent. She wished Mary could've gone with Josiah. While trying to think of something to say by way of an explanation, Mary crawled to Emma's side and then rested her head against Emma's shoulder.

"Are you cold?" asked Emma, lifting her arm to let Mary cuddle against her for warmth.

Mary looked up at Emma smilingly. "This lodge is warmer than our cabin."

"Yes," laughed Emma, "I'm afraid it is. When the wind is strong, a lot of heat gets sucked up that stone chimney of ours. If it ever gets any colder, maybe we could ask your pa to build another of these shelters."

Mary giggled softly.

Through the small open doorway, Emma saw the ground darken as clouds covered the sun. Before long, it began to snow.

Daylight was waxing dim by the time Emma heard the tramp, tramp of Josiah's snowshoes. She saw his feet first, and then a snow-dusted fox skin cap as he crawled through the snug doorway.

"I snared us a grouse," he said, flopping the dead bird onto the pine needles. Sitting cross-legged, Josiah pulled off his heavy coat. "Snow's coming down hard." He rubbed his reddened hands above the flames, drawing them back when the heat became too much.

As Emma took a knife to begin dressing the grouse, Josiah stuffed his coat into the doorway to keep as much heat inside as possible.

"Is yer back still sore?" asked Josiah, returning to the flames to finish thawing his frozen limbs.

Emma looked at him a little sheepishly. Her back had been hurting all day, though she hadn't wanted to say anything. She had already caused enough trouble to Josiah's hunting party, as it was.

"I thought so," he said knowingly.

While Emma readied supper, Josiah took two stones to pound some roots he had gathered. After grinding the roots, Josiah pulled out the tin cup he had packed with their provisions. Momentarily opening the door, he filled the cup with snow, and then carefully melted the snow over the fire. When the water was hot, Josiah dumped in the roots, and then handed the cup to Emma.

"Drink it, it'll help yer pain."
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