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"Then why ask me these questions?" asked Hannah, gripping the banister.

"We like to confirm our stories, firsthand," Victoria explained.

"Since when?" retorted Hannah. "I don't believe you are here to confirm anything. If what you say is true, then to publish anything that was recorded without knowledge of the parties concerned would be breaking the law, am I right, Victoria? You can't use the tape-- if there really is one." Victoria's jaw grew tense.

"If you talk, we could make it worth your while," she said temptingly.

"I'm not interested," answered Hannah, entering the living room and accepting a cup of hot tea from her mother.

"Not even half a million dollars?" she asked. Hannah looked at Victoria over the rim of her cup.

"If you really believe I rejected a proposal of marriage from one of the ten wealthiest men in America, why do you think I would accept your offer?" Victoria shut off her recorder.

"I think you know the way out, Miss Jackson," said Mr. Anderson sternly. She grabbed her coat, and walked to the door. But, before leaving, she swung around sharply.

"Don't think you've won!" she threatened, "Not by a long shot!" Hannah listened as Victoria drove away, and took another sip of tea. In spite of her bravado, Daniel saw the cup tremble. Mr. Anderson looked at his daughter, incredulously.

"Did you really turn down THE Tom Hanley? The one we see on all those commercials? Was he very mad?" asked Mr. Anderson.

"He didn't exactly click his heels for joy, if that's what you mean," replied Hannah, setting down the cup, for her hands could not hang on to it any longer.

"Sounds like there's going to be trouble," observed Mrs. Anderson.

"I'm sorry I brought you into this mess," Hannah said, verging on tears. Mrs. Anderson opened her arms and hugged Hannah lovingly.

"It's in God's hands," Mrs. Anderson reassured. Daniel got up from his bed on the sofa, and returned to his room. The picture of a mother comforting her child, brought back a flood of memories Daniel thought he had forgotten. He hugged the bed and wept. Hannah noticed Daniel's abrupt departure and walked over to his shut door.

"It sounds like he's crying," she said, surprisingly. Mr. Anderson motioned for her to come away from his door.

"Beth, sit down," he instructed. Hannah sat down on the sofa. "You are surprised to discover that Daniel has feelings, Beth? I think I know why he does not look at you when you speak to him." Hannah leaned forward. "To you, Daniel is someone you rescued from the streets. You saved his life by taking him in. I am proud of you for that. It shows a merciful heart, and God delights in mercy. But," he went on, "you treat him like a child. Daniel knows that he owes you more than he can ever repay. By your attitude towards him, you remind him of his own shame." Mr. Anderson paused, "There is one thing more I think you should be aware of. Your mother and I saw it the first time we saw Daniel, but you, apparently, have not noticed it. That poor man is in love with you, Beth." Hannah shook her head, disbelievingly.
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