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on the subject of "cutting."

While researching for this story, I've come across some good websites that offer information on the subject of self-injury, and more specifically, cutting. If you're concerned for someone you love, or are struggling with cutting and trying to stop, then this page is for you. Below are places where you can find others going through similar things as you, resources to find information on coping skills, as well as finding help for yourself and for others. If any of the websites below make you feel like cutting, then leave. Mine included.

(Note: I have a "S.I." settings option at the bottom of this page that hides all depictions of cutting in Terry's Journey. This option is ONLY for Terry's Journey, not the rest of the Internet.)

Cutting and Self-Harm: Self Injury Help, Support, and Treatment

Understanding cutting and self-harm, warning signs that a family member or friend is cutting or self-injuring, finding new coping techniques, and much more. A comprehensive page.

Self-injury and Self-mutilation

Quote from their page: "When feelings of anger and depression become overwhelming, some teens may carve, scratch, or cut on their wrists, arms or other parts of the body. It seems irrational to others, but when people are depressed, it can seem like a way to let out the tension or pain."


Quote from their website: "This section contains a variety of ways that you can stop yourself from making that cut or burn or bruise right now." There's a lot of information here.

Psyke.org: Coping Skills

Useful coping skills from those who have been there.

Other Methods to Avoid Cutting

A lengthy list of suggestions from beating up a stuffed bear, to waxing your legs. If other coping methods haven't worked for you, then check these out.

S.A.F.E Alternatives®

Quote from their website: "S.A.F.E. Alternatives® is a nationally recognized treatment approach, professional network, and educational resource base, which is committed to helping you and others achieve an end to self-injurious behavior." Among other things, this website has a blog.

The directors of S.A.F.E Alternatives® wrote a book called Bodily Harm: The Breakthrough Healing Program for Self-Injurers. You can find a book review here.


Quote from their website: "If you are in IMMEDIATE NEED OF SAFETY please call your local crisis center, 911, or go to the nearest hospital to you. Years after receiving treatment in Chicago at S.A.F.E.-Alternatives® I decided to design a support group for people who are serious about recovering. If you say to yourself 'THIS HAS TO STOP!' NoFEAR-S.A.F.E._Approved is a good start."

Focus on the Family: Conquering Cutting and Other Forms of Self-Injury

Quote from their website: "If you or someone you know is struggling with the cutting or other forms of self-injury, Focus on the Family has developed a nationwide Christian counseling referral system. Please call 1-800-A-Family and ask for the Counseling department or search our online counseling referral database."

Inspiring Connections: resources and links

A list of books and websites on the subject of self-injury.

Legal disclaimer and last updated: I can't endorse everything found on these websites, nor can I guarantee the accuracy of their information. These links were active as of November 17, 2011.

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