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What others are saying about Terry's Journey:

"Peace be with you! Thanks for always writing stories which inspire a lot of your readers including me. I do look forward to your new story about Terry's Journey. I've been waiting for it ever since you said you're going to write one about him. Keep up the good work. God bless." - MJ

"Great beginning! ...love your stories. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy them." - A Reader

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Table of Contents

Chapter One: Four Years After Abigail's Journey

Chapter Two: New Mercies

Chapter Three: Mr. Nice Guy

Chapter Four: Clouds in September

Chapter Five: A Bleeding Heart

Chapter Six: The Place Where Love Comes From

Chapter Seven: Fighting the Dragon

Chapter Eight: Looking Ahead

Chapter Nine: Reaching for Hope

Chapter Ten: Lifeline

Chapter Eleven: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Chapter Twelve: Close Friendships

Chapter Thirteen: Not Much Pride, but Some Prejudice

Chapter Fourteen: When the Subject is Madison

Chapter Fifteen: Chasing After Normal

Chapter Sixteen: Terry's Puppy

Chapter Seventeen: Mr. Darcy's Replacement

Chapter Eighteen: A Safe Place for Madison

Chapter Nineteen: This Couldn't Be Love

Chapter Twenty: The Sweetheart

Chapter Twenty-one: From the Heart

Chapter Twenty-two: Love Finds Terry

Chapter Twenty-three: The Struggle for Sanity

Chapter Twenty-four: A Woman's Joy

Chapter Twenty-five: A Lot Like Coffee

Chapter Twenty-six: Small Words

Chapter Twenty-seven: The Strong of Heart

Chapter Twenty-eight: To Be Loved

Chapter Twenty-nine: Taking Care of Maddie

Chapter Thirty: Butterfly Wings

Chapter Thirty-one: The Hiding Place

Chapter Thirty-two: Hand in Hand

Chapter Thirty-three: The Search

Chapter Thirty-four: Falling Skies with a Chance of Hail

Chapter Thirty-five: Everyday Courage

Chapter Thirty-six: The House by the Bay

Chapter Thirty-seven: The Call from Syracuse

Chapter Thirty-eight: Husbands, Love Your Wives

Chapter Thirty-nine: Picking Up Jewels

Chapter Forty: Don't Tell Terry

Chapter Forty-one: Our Brave Romance

Chapter Forty-two: Fly

Chapter Forty-three: Because I'm Yours

Chapter Forty-four: New Every Morning

Chapter Forty-five: His Eye is on the Sparrow

Chapter Forty-six: Christmas in Three Mile Bay

Chapter Forty-seven: Always Have Hope

What others are saying about Terry's Journey:

"I do not know if I am the only male reading your stories; but I do know that I enjoy them very much. I love Christian fiction and yours is well done." - Jim, a 64 year old married man reading Terry's Journey

"Oh Sarah, at last ... Terry's story! ... I am so proud of you for taking this on. Grateful too. It's been a long time since our beloved Johannes family last appeared in new form on your site. I've missed them. I did try to keep up for a while with other stories, but life got in the way. But Terry .. grins ... just try and stop me from reading it. God bless hon..." - Narelle

"I LUV your books soo much!!! I was ecstatic when I found out you are making a Terry's Journey!!!! Thank you for writing the books!!!!! They are wonderful!!!" - Julie

"I beg you to never stop writing whiles you have the strength to, for some of your readers, it forms part of the reason to go on. I pray that one day the good Lord will show you a true picture of what your obedience has done in the lives of his own. God Bless you." - A Reader

"CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 9TH ANNIVERSARY OF UNMISSED DEADLINES..!!!! GREAT JOB.. I have always enjoyed all your works so far.. Homegrown Dandelions: it's coming along very well.. I am always eager to read the next installment. Terry's Journey: I just LOVE IT... FANTASTIC JOB!! I am feeling really really bad for Madison..and of course, this family is becoming my favourite.. will we see Jake and Abigail anywhere in Terry's Journey?? Wish they showed up in the story sometime.. I really want both of them to do well.. they are my favourite pair after John and Izzy.. Keep giving us such good tales.." - Prami
[Note from Judith: Yes, Abby and Jake will be in the story.]

"I like the flow of the story, stuff is beginning to unfold and I especially like Terry's big heart..." - Etro

"I started reading Terry's Journey today and can't help squeaking with joy when I found out how sweet and beautiful the triplets have grown. I can't also help getting excited knowing it had been four years since Abby and Jake left for San Diego and that they are now about to go back home. I am so glad to know that my beloved Jake made it to college with honors! Oh Judith, this series is really driving me crazy! I am also very excited to see Madison and Terry's love bloom. Maddie was like Jake and I'm very much satisfied with how you turned Terry's loving and cool character in Abby's Journey into a strong and manly one in this book. Suddenly, I got this John Cusack's image of Terry in my mind! I can't wait for chapter 9 to be released! Please, please, let Jake and Abby go back to Three Mile Bay. Keep up the good work and God bless^_^ " - Diana (Manila, Philippines)

"Thank you for many hours of enjoyable and engrossing reading. Since discovering your work, I devoured all on your website to date and must commend you for the purity of content and the quality of your writing... Your talent does more than entertain, it is a source of true inspiration that exhorts the reader to cling to God more fully and love Him more completely. You have been a blessing to me and I look forward to reading more from you. May you continue to be blessed and inspired." - Ruth (Belize City, Belize)

"Hi I have read Journey of the Heart and Abigail's Journey. But somehow Terry's Journey strikes me as more terrifying. It makes me want to protect my daughters all the more from abusers. I wish the sufferings of Jake are merely a figment of your imagination, but it is sad to know that such is possible. I look forward to reading the end of Terry's Journey. Do you imagine these journey series as a film? Think of it." - Plangnan
(No movies are currently being planned for these stories, but the thought is appreciated.)

"I came across your website when I was searching for some online love stories. I have since read Journey to the Heart, Abigail's Journey and currently Terry's Journey. Your stories are fantastic. I don't realize time pass by as I read your stories..." - An avid reader, Thiyya (Malaysia)

"I've already read Abigail's Journey, and a little bit of Journey of the Heart. Long before, I finished reading Mountain Wild. I thank God I can find your website. It's rare to find any website that write about Christian love stories and your stories are all awesome. I pray God bless you always and you keep on writing. It's inspiring people especially... in such [a] terrifying corrupted world. Thanks, Sara. When I am reading Abigail, I was wondering in my heart 'how about Terry, such a good man and no woman fall in love with him?' and then I found out that you are writing about him! Thanks and keep it up!" - A Reader

"I just finished reading Chapter 14 of Terry's story. It is good. I love every part of it. One cannot help smiling at the end of the chapter and breathing down with a contented sigh.. Thanks for this." - Clara (Nigeria, West Africa)

"What a heartwarming story that makes you wonder about what your contributions [are] to those less fortunate..." - A Reader

"My name is Melissa, I'm 21 years old and a friend introduced me to your stories and I fell in love with Abigail's Journey. It captured my mind just in the first chapters, to see that the character like Jake could find Jesus and still love in all the difficult things he went through in jail. So what I really wanted to say is thank you for still giving ppl hope in your stories that if a person like Jake can overcome difficulties like that then anybody can. Continue to write more stories like that one and when your books come out I will be the first to buy... I am following Terry's Journey and it is as great as Abigail's and me and my friend can't wait until the next chapter [17] comes out next month..." - Melissa

"Between Homegrown Dandelions and Terry's Journey ~ I prefer Terry's Journey. I think this is so because the two main characters choose to believe in JESUS even though they have come from some of the worst abusive backgrounds out there. Also because they are both learning to trust and open up to the opposite sex despite their horrid past!! Keep up the good work Sarah keep up this good work." - A Reader

"I admit I've not finished Abigail's Journey which is an absolute genius. When you write I actually feel their pain and joy. I've started almost all your books (and just downloaded a couple to read over the weekend and in between college work). They've taught me that I can rise above my pain and past (plus my mama won't kill me for wasting money on too many books!). I can't wait to get myself hard copies of all the books to add to my novel collection. Thank you, Sarah. You are blessed." - Pamela (Nairobi, Kenya)

"This [Terry's Journey] is the one of the best novels I've ever read." - A Reader

"I am a great fan of your online stories... I have just finished reading Chapter 17 of Terry's Journey. The emotions were so intense I kept blinking back tears! I almost started praying for the characters then I remembered it's fiction LOL. God bless you." - Joy K

"I've read four stories of yours – Journey of the heart, Abigail's Journey, Greatest of These and now Terry's Journey. From these AJ was my favourite. And now I've become a fan of TM (Terry & Maddie). I had lost the habit of reading due to the routine life but I was completely hooked on to Terry's story. Sarah, really appreciate your work. Praying that God will help you to write many more stories which help the readers to grow spiritually. Thank you once again for your beautiful stories." - Nisha, UAE

"I have downloaded and read most of your books and I wanted to take the time to let you know what a blessing I have found them to be. They are good reads and very clean. It can be difficult to find even a Christian book that doesn't allow for one's mind to follow the couple to the bedroom. I also love the fact that the Word is woven all throughout the books. It is so refreshing! I have spent quite a bit of time looking up many of them to note them and read them in their full context. I love the Word. The first of your books that I read was 'Abigail's Journey'. This one has touched me the most cause I was a victim as a child, though praise God not to the extent some are and only for a very brief time before it was discovered. But the scars followed me and even today I struggle with the effects. There is a depth in your writings that touch the reader and I appreciate that. Thank you for allowing God to use you." - A Reader

"I've always loved the Journey Series and I was really happy when you started Terry's Journey. I'm a frustrated writer myself and I'm hoping that one day I'd be able to write stories as wonderful as yours. The Journey series revive the beauty and meaning of love that is quickly being forgotten in this time and age. Don't stop writing. :)" - A Reader

"Hi I can't wait for chapter 18... I meditate on the verses on each chapter and live myself with the characters. I wonder how it's going to end and would like to fast forward to May 15th." - A Reader

"Wow, what a beautiful story and how beautifully written!! Both the lead characters, Terry and Madison, are so real! Sometimes when penning a story, a writer usually seeks to provide an escape route (for the reader) into a magical fantasy world, with surreal situations and surreal characters. This story comes as a refreshing change! This is the truth! This is an accurate reflection of reality as we all face our own 'Dragons' in the real world, just as Madison and Terry in the story. And you know what I love the most about it? It not only depicts the day-to-day struggles of 'normal' people but also a born-again Christian's daily walk with Jesus. I remember reading somewhere that Christianity is much more than a religion, it's a relationship with Christ... in which you need to renew your vow to follow the Lord each new day. When these characters overcome their fear and pain, it gives me a strength to go on and face my 'Dragons' as well! Now, that's what I call quality writing... it's when you leave a lasting impression on your readers that even their faith-life is affected and rejuvenated! Sarah, I know I've told you before, and I just want to reiterate, your stories are so believable! I truly enjoyed reading this particular story as the Journey series is so close to my heart. Thank you for such inspiring stories!" - Vincy (Mumbai, India)

"Oh no when is Aug 15th coming? Wow this has been wonderful. I look forward to the next installation [chapter 21]." - A Reader

"I would like to tell you that I just love your writing and I really have become a fan... Terry's Journey was the first story that I read and I wonder from where you get such amazing ideas, imagination and feelings... [are] the characters like Terry, Izumi and John... completely fictitious or they are inspired from some real persons? Pls do answer it means a lot for me because I wish them to be real. I want to say a lot but unable to find words to express my feelings. Pls keep on writing. Hearty congratulations for completing a successful decade..." - Tamanna (India)
(The characters in these stories are not based on real people, but rather on the people "living" in the author's imagination. :-)

"Wow...this was such a touching chapter [21]... I am really enjoying the story. I think it's my favourite one so far. I enjoyed Abigail's Journey, but this story speaks more to me. Thank you so much for sharing your writing talent with the rest of us." - Lisa

"I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter of Terry's Journey [21]. In fact, I am still not over [plot spoiler removed], I didn't know I had held my breath so! ... I just wanted to say well done, it's a great job you are doing, and the 15th of September couldn't come faster." - Gonaya

"I must say since my niece introduced me to Abigail's Journey, I've been hooked. Read all your novels. Oh my, chapter 21 (Terry's Journey) is marked as my favourite, love it. You are a great writer. May the Lord bless you and keep inspiring you..." - Lorraine (South Africa)

"You are definitely killing me here. Here I am reading the chapter that you posted today [chapter 21] and here at work it is our payroll run and I have to load new employees on the system. Terry's Journey pops in my mail and I cannot keep still because I am eager to start reading. Only today that is when I started reading it and every emotion that Terry is going through rumbles through my veins and when he [plot spoiler removed], my heart does somersaults. I love it and I love it big. You are the most blessed woman writer and may God continue to bless you richly with ideas. I know one thing for sure, He is forever smiling when He sees His work through you. Oh I love it... it has no resemblance to Jake and Abby though the journey has the same effects. Keep on writing." - A Reader

"Your stories are so realistic and wonderful. I find myself wanting to stay up all night just to finish your 'precious thoughts'. You are truly an inspiration and I can not wait for the next chapter [22]. I wish you all the best and pray that God would continue to guide you as you touch so many lives positively." - Nicole

"Thank you so much for your lovely stories. I appreciate that you are a Christian and love God. What I especially like about your stories is all the Bible verses, which pertain to the story and fit them in, making God's Word more real. I love the fact that your characters follow God's Word and we don't get to read lurid detailed love scenes, which are a mockery of God's gift to married couples. You have provided the romance and made me remember, my God is in control. Thank you and God Bless you." - Vanessa

"Your stories are absolutely FANTASTIC....I'm at a loss for words....I read the other stories in the Journey series too [besides Journey of the Heart], and they are just so touching. If I continue typing, I will just be repeating what others have said. There is no doubt that GOD has given you an incredible talent." - A Reader

"Gracious! I do so love the way you build your characters and the way you bring scenes alive! ... God bless you and this ministry. You are officially now my most favorite author. I love your work!" - A Reader

"I am a christian young adult who has been searching for years for actual English christian books and romance novels and it has been entirely impossible but I am pleased to report that the stories you have written have filled me and help me to be a better christian. It is a joy to recommend your books to other youths I know. May God bless you and fill you with even more abundant words to convey His message to others and may your gift be as cherished as you. P.S. I live in Puerto Rico and wow I feel as if I had visited every place you have mentioned in your books." - Mairim

"Dear Judith, God bless your heart. I have read all your stories, some twice. Your stories and the characters are so real to me. They inspired me and encourage me to be strong in the Lord; to learn to stand firm in Him in time of pain; like what the characters in the stories are doing. It is amazing. You are amazing too. I love to read romance stories but yours is the best. I can read and enjoy your stories freely (get encouraged) and without feeling guilty. Cos you are always careful about keeping your stories and our thoughts pure. THANK YOU! We need more writers like you. Keep it up. Terry's Journey: Every time Madison cut herself, my heart went out to her. Cos I just cannot imagine how someone would cut herself physically so she can feel less painful inside. In Terry's Journey she has done it so many times already and I hope God will heal her emotionally and spiritually soon. May our Father of mercies and God of all comfort, comfort those who suffered like Madison, heal their hearts' and emotional wound. May God visit them today and anointed them with the balm of Gilead. Amen." - Lillian

"Hi Sarah!!! I'm actually going to comment on Journey of the Heart, Abigail's Journey and Terry's Journey all at the same time!! I love the series so far I love the way [it] flows generation by generation it gives a feeling in continuity in the story. I can see a trend developing they're... always helping someone from a troubled and traumatic background! ... Sometimes when I'm reading I feel like I'm in the house with all of them. One thing that is positive with all the story lines is seeing the individual struggles in each of their relationships but know how to come together as a family. Love the work you're doing Sarah... God bless you and continue to fill you with rich ideas for more books to come. p.s. I can't wait for chapter 24 [of Terry's Journey]!!!" - A Reader

"Just appreciated how well you handled the issue of cutting [in chapter 23 of Terry's Journey]. I am always impressed with your writing skills with regard to difficult issues and it has not changed!" - Sariah

"Hey! I have read most of your novels but Terry's Journey is the best work I have read till now. I await eagerly for 15th of every month just to read new chapter. I just want to know when are you planning to end this story... Hope you keep on writing such beautiful stories & thanks for giving us a unique message in each of [them]." - A Reader
[From Judith: As of chapter 23, I think we might be over the half-way mark, but I still have so much plot to write, I figure I'll just keep going until I run out of outline. There's a lot more story to come.]

"Just finished reading the latest chapter (chapter 23) and I just cannot hold back the smiles...Terry, Terry, Terry.......Enjoyed every bit of it and can't wait to read the next!!! Thank you so much for the stories... God bless ya and His grace as you write more!" - Chinekwu (Enugu, Nigeria)

"Thank you for your faithfulness in writing and being true to who you are in God. I started reading your stories about three months ago. I see how you have progressed in your writing in discovering for your self your true author's voice. With a secret fondness I now look forward to the 15th of each month to journey again into the lives of each character that you have created. May God continue to bless you with ideas and the vision to turn them into stories of redeeming love." - Patricia

"I have read everything on your website and have enjoyed every word. Terry's Journey, however, has secured a place in my heart that none other has. The fragile hope that exists between Terry and Maddy is proof that our God is capable of anything. He can take hurting and damaged hearts bring them together and produce a beautiful love story. Thank you for allowing God to lead you in your writing, it truly is a blessing to all who read it." - Denise (Tennessee)

"Hi Sarah!! Thank you so much for your books. A friend of mine introduced me to your website and I have been hooked ever since... I have been struck by the last 2 chapters of Terry's Journey [23, 24]. I love the way the family is close knit and honest. Most family members hide their feelings and struggles from each other for fear of being rejected or viewed in a different light by siblings especially in a set up where the siblings are much older, married and have families. The model of this family appeals to me because of their openness and honesty as well supporting and praying for each other in difficult times. When I read I feel like I am right in there in the living room with the triplets and Ricky and the lunches and dinners they have. Keep up the good work!" - A Reader

"It's amazing how God works things out. I lost my job in May '09 and was out of work for 2 years. During those two years I lost my mother and my father-in-law. This year I obtained employment in a group home for troubled teens. My last position was as a Sr. Engineering Technician working in Quality Reliability and Assurance. Needless to say, this new career is totally different from what I've done in the past. Terry's Journey has helped me to understand some of the things our clients have been through. I can't wait to read the next chapter. Also, I can't wait to see what God does for our clients. Thank you!" - A Reader

"I was (still am) surprised when I find Terry, John and other characters I've come to love use Biblical verses to validate the way they live (eg: John gave Izumi a card with a verse which was specific to her situation) I have started confessing verses since then which has definitely helped me face my 'Dragons' rather than turn my tail and run. Your story [Terry's Journey] has helped me look to my future with hope and contentment as it is not fantasy, Utopian, everything-becomes-fine-for-the-hero kind of story but a realistic one. I have often thanked the Lord for guiding me to you and to your stories :) God bless you." - A Reader

"The past few months have been very hectic. I have missed doing many things but not reading your 'Journeys'.. Terry's Journey is becoming more and more better. Your last two chapters [24, 25] are so difficult to read. It is so difficult to watch people hurt like this that I ask why are such monsters even allowed on earth to hurt innocent lives. But your story also has hope which is the best thing that can happen to anyone who is reading it. I have enjoyed your stories and I am waiting impatiently for Maddie to say yes and marry Terry. For all the hope, joy, togetherness, family, loyalty, love and faith in your story, God Bless You." - Pramila (India)

"... I always wait for the new chapter to come and excited what story you will have again for Terry and Maddie. I pray that the Lord will always give you inspirations until you finish this. God bless." - MJ

"Wow! the story plot of Terry's Journey just gets better with each chapter. I have finished reading chapter 26 and am eagerly waiting for the next chapter, come February. Thanks Judith for this story and the others. They all have pearls of inspiration and treasures for living a healthy Christian life especially in marriage. You'll always be my all-time favorite Author." - Loveth (Nigeria)

"Finally!!! I was waiting for this chapter [26] for so long..Thankyou so much... That was very lovely...Enjoyed it..waiting for Terry and Maddie on Feb 15th." - Aayus

"I have read every book you have written several times. I must say this is the best chapter [26] I have read. Love it!!" - Doris

"I have been reading your stories for a long time now...it's like when I read your novels I am always gut hooked to them. Just can't have it enough. Please keep writing... God bless you!!" - A Reader

"Madison really took a leap of faith despite being afraid. Am looking forward to the next chapter [28]. Great work Sarah. May God Bless u:)" - A Reader

"This is such a wonderful story [Terry's Journey]. I have read both The Journey of the Heart and Abby's Journey and fell in love with them both so I decided to read what was written of this one [Terry]. And once again I loved it. The characters have such unique and fabulous personalities, that I love. I think it was lovely to be able to see all of Terry, and [h]is wonderful nature. I also enjoyed seeing how Jake had changed to a more stable man which was great to see, I've always loved him. I started reading this book and I couldn't stop, I left everything else for this book as it's amazing, I went out and the minute I got back in I was reading this again. I really enjoyed it and can't wait for chapter 28; I'm getting excited thinking about it. Before I've thought that it takes a long time for you to write your books but I know why- because they are wonderful and need tons of effort and you make them just perfect, I haven't come across a better author! The wait is certainly worth it; I will continue being a fan of your books and will look forward to all you're writing. And I want to say thank you for your great books, it gives me something to look forward to by reading them, I've read them all and love them. You really do have outstanding talent... Reading your books puts a smile on my face and I know it also puts a smile on many others too! Thank you." - Gemma

"I'm loving your story about Terry and Madison. I'm a gospel singer, and I love reading Christian romances. I've so enjoyed the Johannes's and the Murphy's, and I'm loving this one, as well... Thanks, and may God continue to anoint you to write for Him." - Missy

"I am from India. Two months back I came across your website while I was looking for something to read. I must tell u I am stuck with your stories since then. When I am reading your stories it feels as if I am living them. It feels as if all the characters are somebody you know and you are sharing your life with. I especially liked Abigail's and Terry's Journey. I am eagerly waiting for your next chapter of Terry's Journey [30]. It's such a sweet love story. All your characters are so loving and humanly. Your stories are full of morals and I am sure it affects people in a very positive way... Keep up the good work and please keep writing." - Kauser

"I have been following Terry's Journey from the first chapter but chapter 29 really brought tears to my eyes. Definitely with God all things are possible. All we have to do is give ourselves to him in every way and everyday... Let your good work keep going. Thankyou for the story and bringing God in our midst through your story." - Lakshmi

"I am definitely connected to this story. Cheering on Maddy and Terry all the way. Maddy has a lot to overcome and I rejoice with her in her accomplishments. You help me appreciate just how big they are. Also thank you for the smile moments - I found myself smiling long after I'd finished reading the chapter [30]. I LOVE this family. God Bless You!" - A Reader

"I am thoroughly enjoying Terry's Journey ... just as I have enjoyed the earlier novels on your website. Because of how you write, I feel I 'know' your characters ... you make them real and believable... Thank you for sharing your talent." - Miriam :-)

"I can't believe Maddie and Terry are now married. I confess I cried. God bless them... Thank you 'Judith' for all your wonderful stories..." - A Reader

"A couple of years ago I accidentally came to find your books online and I have now read all of them. I honestly don't read books much but when I found the books that you have written here I must say that the stories in the books took me by surprise. You're stories are so real and so beautifully written that I can't ever forget them. The realistic scene in them. I have only good things to say about your work. There is so much emotion and yet everything seems so real when you read it. It's really hard to come by such written work as this... I hope that you will continue on writing, and I will be waiting patiently for another book =) God Bless" - Paul (the Faroe Islands)

"I am a very very very huge fan of all your stories..." - Emre

"I, one of the readers of Terry's Journey, I really appreciate all [your] works but this one I loved it, I'm eager to read 31st chapter. It makes me not to think about any thing else. Sara that is so long to wait until June 15th. God bless you. He has given you a great potential. Praise the Lord and you are keeping on. God help you Sara." - A Reader

"I just read TJ chapter 31... you are such a wonderful writer. You made me to fly around the sky... Really! I loved it. God bless you." - Rich

"God bless you so much. This last chapter [31] was well written. Madison is seen here becoming bold and not afraid to express herself. She is exactly the kind of woman that Terry needs. Thanks so much....." - Princess Chiamaka (Nigeria)

"I love the new chapter [32] for July 2012... you are so good... especially with this new twist in the story [spoiler removed] and the great progress Madison is making... Thank you once again for another great story!" - A Reader

"You do it again, oh my... I can't wait for August to come. Maddie has [spoiler removed]... Bless your Heart Sarah. This keeps getting better and better. May the God, whose name is Jehovah, the One whom I serve lift you to where His purpose will sustain you." - A Reader

"How am I suppose to wait a whole month for the next chapter?? For me, this is the best chapter [34] so far! I can see Maddie growing and stepping into her life with grace. My Husband and best friend both know when the 15th is because I start counting down my days for the next chapter as soon as I read one!!" - A Reader

"I am simply loving Terry's Journey...what I love about all your stories is that even though the baseline is the same i.e. trusting the Lord, each story is different and new....I just love the new twist to Terry's Journey...I really didn't see that coming...." - A Reader

"Dear Judith Bronte, I just read the most recent chapter [35] of Terry's Journey, an all I can say is thank you. If only you knew how much you have warmed the heart of a simple soul in Seattle this night. Thank you." - A Reader

"Madison 'Ladyfair'...'Terry-desserts'...Ms. Judith, I like Terry's Journey so much it hurts. And what I like most of all is the powerful statement that Terry says to Madison in Chapter 26, Small Words: 'I don't want anything from you that doesn't come from your heart' I hope that someday I can say words like these to the love-of-my-life...when GOD brings her into my world. Also, it's powerful to see how much stronger Madison is growing in her love and care for Terry. She is even becoming like Terry in the way she speaks about GOD to her previously [plot spoiler removed]. I hope that--in the way that You included John, Izumi, Jake and Abby in Terry's story--You can also continue to tell Terry and Madison's life story in any future novels set in Three-Mile Bay, New York." - Jonathan (Georgia, USA)

"I am finding such support from Terry's story that has unlocked the emotional trama from my own story in Life. Thanks for making these characters so real and understandable. You are blessing my present with your talent Judith Bronte...may the Lord continue blessing your heart for such a gift as yours. Shalom..." - Rachel (Dallas, TX)

"I was so pleased when I found out that you were going to be writing about Terry. I have finished reading the 38 chapters and I can't wait for how God will help Maddie and Terry. I love how Terry has grown and I am so happy he found love, it just reminds me how awesome and wonderful God is. I can't wait to see how Maddie will overcome her past. I hope Tim gets to know the Lord and his marriage with Karen works. I thank God for your life that you allowed Him use you and I pray He continues to." - Dammy (Nigeria)

"I really enjoy reading this book [Terry's Journey] as I have all the others. Please keep up the good work. I can't wait for the fifteenth of every [month] to read but I admit sometimes I... get a little impatient lol. Thank you this a great work you are doing." - Jane

"Words cannot express my delight when I realised you had began work on Terry! I was absolutely excited at the prospect of Terry finding true love. Isn't God just so wonderful!!! God is indeed good. Thank you for this great story about Terry and Maddie. The only problem I have is waiting for the 15th of every month to read a new chapter, each month, I eagerly wait for the that day when I can read a new chapter of the lives of these wonderful christian people. I love what you do. May God bless you." - Bola (Lagos, Nigeria)

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