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"What do you mean, 'if'!" she cried. "This IS your kid! Don't you believe me?"

"I'm sorry," he stammered, "it just came out that way. I believe you, Abby. It just doesn't feel like it's mine, yet. This is new and completely unexpected. It must be how Joseph felt when he first found out Mary was with child-- that is, before the angel and all."

"I can tell you right now, there aren't going to be any angels," affirmed Abby, "so you'd better start getting used to it! Don't you remember anything about that night?"

"Not a thing," he replied. "Are you sure it was me, Abby? Of course you are," he said, quickly answering his own question. "You never would've let someone who wasn't your husband into your bed. You must understand, I've never been with a woman before," he explained in a hushed voice. "All the others were men."

"I think I understand your doubt," she acknowledged. "The only thing I can tell you, is that I'm pregnant, and that you're the father. We were alone together for most of the night, so there's no one else who can back up my story!"

"Don't beat yourself up," he assured her, "I believe you."

The Bible says, "Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. The heart of her husband [Jake] doth safely trust in her." (Proverbs 31:10, 11) It was no small act of trust for Jake to take Abby's word for something that he did not remember. And if that wasn't enough proof of how much he trusted her, Jake was even taking responsibility for the baby.

As AJ neared the house, Abby saw Terry quickly move away from the window. Her father and uncle met the couple in the living room, awaiting an explanation.

"Well?" pressed Terry.

"Before we start, let's all move into the bedroom so Little Dove can hear," suggested John, as the small party followed him down the hall to where Izumi was intently waiting.

"I'm all right, Mom," consoled Abby, seeing the concerned look on her mother's face. Jake nervously stood a few feet away from the young woman, pensively staring at the carpet in dread. It was to his credit that he didn't suddenly bolt from the room.

"Let's have it," sighed John.

"About two weeks ago," began Abby, glancing at Jake before continuing, "Jake and I went to the dinner party at the yacht club."

"This is only about the yacht club?!" exclaimed Terry, in surprise.

"Not exactly," hesitated Abby, clearing her voice. "It's what happened, afterward."

"Everyone knows what happened afterward," answered John. "You didn't get the job."

"Dear," spoke up Izumi, "I don't think that's what our Abby is trying to tell us."

"What then?" asked John, puzzled by what it all meant.

"Jake took some of his medication before we left for the club that evening," explained Abby, "and it interacted with the alcohol in his drink. He was so drunk, that he can't remember what happened after we got home."

"What, exactly, did happen?" her father asked gravely.

Abby quickly discovered that as hard as it had been to say the word "sex" in Jake's presence, it was even harder to utter it in front of her own parents.

"Jake and I... you know," she answered, in an embarrassed voice.

John stared at her and then at the young man standing quietly beside her.

"But, I thought he couldn't," hesitated John, wondering if she had actually meant what he had thought she meant.

"He still can't," answered Abby, "at least, not unless he's really drunk."

Jake was unable to lift his eyes to anyone in the room, while Abby did her best to explain the situation to her family. To his relief, she said little about any intimate details, only that "it happened."
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