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"Well," said John, when Abby had finished, "I'm glad you kids told us. I appreciate your honesty."

"I guess we can't tell people that it's in name only, anymore," reflected Terry, trying hard not to smile, for he could plainly see how humiliated Jake looked.

Izumi remained thoughtfully quiet. Her mother's intuition told her that there was something else Abby wanted to tell them. Jake winced as he waited for the other shoe to fall.

"Before you guys leave," said Abby, "I have something else to tell you. I'm going to have a baby."

"We're all going to have a baby," laughed Terry, "three of them-- near the first of February, remember?"

"Actually," replied Abby, "this one will be due in May."

John's mouth fell open in surprise! Izumi's eyes became wet with tears of joy, while Terry clasped Abby in a large hug that was rapidly followed by John. Izumi reached out to Abby with open arms, and she quickly filled them.

"My baby's having a baby," whispered the mother, kissing Abby's cheek. "I'm so happy for you, Sweetheart! I have to admit, I thought this day would never come!"

John looked to Jake, who still hadn't fled the room yet.

"Congratulations, Son," he said in a subdued tone, offering his hand to the young man. "You've made us all very happy."

Jake was pleasantly surprised by everyone's reaction. There had been no tar, and no feathers-- only joy. No one had reprimanded him for getting "their Abby" pregnant, even though it had been unintentional. Jake slowly began to let his guard down, even smiling once or twice in response to all the congratulating that was going on.

Even in her joy, however, Izumi remembered that Abby had been unhappy earlier that day. The mother knew something more had transpired between her daughter and son-in-law, than Abby had let on.

"We're going to have four babies in the space of four months!" cried Terry in disbelief.

"The pitter patter of little feet is going to be deafening!" chuckled John.

"You know what this means, don't you?" grinned Terry to his best friend. "John, you're going to be a grandpa!"

"Little Dove," smiled John, "do you feel like a grandma, yet?"

"A 'grandma'!" repeated Izumi in happy amazement.

"This calls for a celebration!" declared Terry. "Jake, as the new expectant father in the family, you're free from fixing lunch, today! I'm going to get the best carry out in all of Three Mile Bay!"

Jake smiled and glanced at Abby, who was staying behind with her mother as the two men went to the living room to discuss which restaurant they should go to. As John and Terry left the house, Jake sat down on the floor, quietly listening as mother and daughter talked on the bed, a few feet away.

"Are you all right, Sweetheart?" asked Izumi. "Even if your father doesn't realize it yet, this must have been a difficult day for you. I hope you and Jake worked out whatever differences you had," she said, looking first to Abby and then to the ex-convict sitting nearby.

"What frightened me the most," admitted Abby, "was the fact that I might have to raise the baby on my own. When Jake said that he'd stand by me, I knew we could make it."

"Then, no declarations or promises were made that night?" inquired Izumi.

"No," answered the young woman.

"Then, why, Sweetheart?" asked her mother in concern. "Intimacy is not something that should be taken lightly."
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