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"You're talking to the wrong person," said the caller. "I'm only repeating what it says here on paper."

"Does it say where or when they're taking him?" sighed the Sheriff.

"As of right now, he's on his way to the Watertown State Pen," answered the desk sergeant. "I'm sorry, Henry. I know you were really pulling for this one."

The Sheriff hung up his phone and looked at the solemn Deputy standing before him. "Casey," he sighed heavily, "I've got to get down to the detention center, and break the news to Jake's family."

"Do you want me to come?" Casey half-heartedly volunteered. He didn't want to be there, but he felt as though he should offer.

"You and Abby are good friends-- right?" asked Henry.

"I guess so," hesitated Casey, sensing that he was about to be taken up on the offer. "We sometimes fish together, if that's what you mean."

"Then, it might help if you were there," sighed the Sheriff. "I tell ya, Casey, this just ain't right! That young man is going to be eaten alive! Everyone down there knows he testified at the commission! Don't think for a second, that they're going to let Jake Murphy forget it!" Then Henry quickly added, "Don't repeat what I just said to Abby or her family. Sometimes, I hate this job. I'd give my entire pension to skip today-- I really would. Come on, let's get down there, before they show up to take him home."

The air was cool, as Abby and the two men got out of the jeep and headed inside the county detention center. Before they had a chance to say a word to anyone, a woman approached Abby.

"Excuse me," she said politely, "are you Mrs. Murphy?"

"Yes, I am," replied Abby in surprise. "Is Jake ready?"

"Sheriff Peterson called and requested that you and your family wait in my office, until he arrives," said the woman. "Please, follow me."

The three looked at each other and followed the woman to her office, where they were asked to take a seat and wait for the Sheriff.

"They must need his signature, or something, in order to release Jake," guessed Terry.

"I hope he hurries," sighed Abby, eager to get Jake back home. "What time is it, Dad?"

"It's a little after eight," replied her father with a patient smile.

Ten minutes later, Sheriff Peterson arrived with Deputy Casey in tow.

"I'm sorry that I made you folks wait," apologized the Sheriff, as the three stood up expectantly when he entered the room. "I don't know how best to say this, but I have some bad news."

Casey stood behind the Sheriff and glanced at Abby with a somber face.

"What is it, Casey?" she asked.

"I'm sorry," was all the Deputy could reply.

"The parole board," began Sheriff Peterson, clearing his throat uncomfortably, "has revoked Jake's parole, because he was detained by the police, and they're calling it a technical violation. He's being shipped back to the pen, as we speak."

Abby looked to the Sheriff and then to Casey. Suddenly, she comprehended the reality of what had just been said.

"No," she whispered under her breath, collapsing back into the office chair.
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