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"Abby, when are you going back to work?" wondered Jake.

"As soon as you're well enough to stay at my parents' house while I'm away," she answered.

"Well, don't take too long," warned Dennis. "Bass season ends late this month."

"Are you still planning on leaving for the winter?" wondered Abby.

"There's no reason to stay," shrugged Dennis. "You can't fly fish in the snow."

"Tell me about it," sighed Abby.

"That reminds me," asked her friend, "do you have a job lined up after the tackle store closes for the winter?"

"No, I don't," admitted the young woman. "There's been so much happening with Jake lately, that I haven't been able to think about job opportunities very much."

"This probably was none of my business," grinned Dennis, "but I thought you'd most likely need a job, so I took it upon myself to post your resume on an Internet bulletin board. I received a promising response just before I came over to visit. Here, I printed it out for you." The fly casting instructor handed Abby a folded piece of paper, and quietly waited to see her reaction.

Abby looked it over and gasped in surprise.

"They want me to be a writer?" she asked, her blue eyes wide with wonderment.

"'Bassin' the Weeds' is a top-notch Internet publication that gets over a million page views every month," explained Dennis, "and has an added magazine circulation that's continuing to grow. It's one of the most popular fishing Internet publications around-- especially when it comes to fly fishing. Abby, they're looking for someone who knows a lot about fish, fly casting, fly tying, and is intelligent enough to teach others."

"They want me to write articles about fly fishing?" she asked.

"That, and moderate an Internet forum where people ask questions," said Dennis. "From what I hear, it can be a demanding job. But, the best part is, you can work from home. That, and you're getting your name out in front of potential clients who may want to hire you as an instructor in the future."

Abby looked over the website logo, and eyed Dennis suspiciously.

"This logo looks familiar," she mused. "Isn't Archibald Beckman the founder of this publication?"

"Dad started it," confessed Dennis, a little sheepishly, "but he doesn't run it anymore. You could say it's under new management."

"You're taking over the family business?" guessed Abby, with a smile. "Dennis, why on earth didn't you just come right out and say you were offering me a job?"

"I didn't want you to feel as though you had to take it, just because I was the one offering it," he hesitated. "However, I did post your resume on an Internet bulletin board. My job offer was the only one I bothered to print out, though..."

"Sooner or later, you knew I would figure out that you were running things," she laughed, "so why hide it, now?"

"Well, by then, I would have known if you really wanted the job or not," explained Dennis, glancing at Jake, who had remained absolutely silent. "Hey," he suggested, "I stopped by your parents' place on my way over, and Terry said you guys had pizza. Got any left?"

"Sure do," said Abby, taking the paper into the kitchen to reread it once more.

When Abby left the bedroom, Dennis looked to Jake.

"While she's gone," said her friend, "I think you and I need to have a talk."

"That's probably a good idea," admitted Jake.
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