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"Jane was hit by a drunk driver while crossing the street only a block from their apartment," related Harry. "She passed away last week." Abby numbly tried to catch her breath. "I'm sorry," stammered Harry. "I thought you already knew."

"Tyler's family and I haven't been that close, lately," she explained. "How is Tyler?"

"He dropped out of college and is back with his parents," answered Harry. "You didn't know he was in Three Mile Bay?"

Nervously, Jake looked at Abby and swallowed hard.

"I didn't know," she breathed, stunned by this news.

"I'm stopping by Tyler's place in a few minutes," said Harry. "Mrs. Greene said he's keeping to his room a lot. I know what's happened between you and him is water under the bridge, but he could really use a good friend right now. Since you two were always close, I was wondering if you'd go with me. It might help Tyler if he saw you."

Abby thoughtfully looked at her husband, and realized that this was not a decision she should make on her own.

"Jake," she asked, "could I speak with you in the next room?"

The young man followed her to the triplets' nursery and closed the door for some privacy.

"You want to see him," he correctly guessed.

"Not if you're against it," replied Abby.

Jake stared at the floor.

"I won't stand in your way," he finally replied. "I trust you."

"Jake," she quickly reminded him, "I've never loved Tyler. If anyone knows that, you should."

"I remember," nodded Jake. "I only hope Tyler remembers that, as well."

After donning a warm coat and mittens, Abby left with Harry to visit Tyler. When Harry's car turned into the Greenes' driveway, she began to wonder if this was such a good idea, after all.

"What if Tyler's mom won't let me see him?" Abby wondered out loud. "She wouldn't even invite me to his wedding."

"At least, you'll know you tried," consoled Harry.

Harry opened the passenger door and Abby stepped out into the cold November air. The snow crunched beneath their shoes as they made their way up the sidewalk to the front door. Abby could hear the blood pounding in her ears as Harry rang the doorbell.

Before long, Mrs. Greene opened the door. When she saw Abby, she remained silent, as if unsure what to say to her son's former girlfriend.

"I just found out about Jane," explained Abby. "I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am, Mrs. Greene."

Seeing that Abby was harboring no ill feelings towards her, Mrs. Greene gratefully hugged the young woman.

"Please," she told the two visitors, "come inside. I apologize for not saying anything about this to you or your family, Abby," sighed Mrs. Greene. "We're dealing with so much right now, I just thought it might be best..." she paused. "I'm glad you're here. Harry visited him yesterday, but Tyler still refused to come out of his room. It's as though he's shutting out everyone and everything. Maybe you... maybe you could help him."
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