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A cold chill went through Abby as she looked at the sprawling building, and suddenly remembered what this place was. On a dark night not too long ago, she had come here with John and Terry after Jake had been airlifted from the prison hospital. Still carrying her purse, Jake finally located the front entrance, and guided Abby inside.

Not far from the main desk, they saw Terry watching a nurse take Izumi away in a wheelchair, while John walked beside his wife, holding her hand. When Terry saw Jake and Abby, he beckoned to them.

"Your Mom's going into labor," Terry informed them, before Abby had a chance to ask. "She's being prepared for the cesarean," he continued, checking his watch and comparing it to a clock on the wall. "Dr. Williams said that it was a miracle Izzy could keep the girls in her womb for thirty-four weeks, given her medical history." Then Terry saw his niece's solemn face. "The doctor was upbeat and hopeful, Abby," he grinned. "They're only performing the cesarean seven days ahead of schedule."

While Izumi was changed into a hospital gown, Terry and AJ were led to the waiting room until she was ready to see visitors before the operation. Navigating past others who were also waiting for someone, Jake located a soft chair for Abby and encouraged her to sit down.

When the young man noticed a few odd looks from the others in the room, he suddenly realized that he was still holding Abby's purse. Jake quickly handed the bag over to its proper owner, and took a seat beside hers.

"We remember this place, don't we, Abby," Terry sighed, sitting down across from them. "At least," he smiled, "this vigil is a happy one."

It took only a moment for Jake to understand Terry's remark. Until now, it hadn't even occurred to him that this was the same hospital. Realizing what must be going through Abby's mind, Jake reached over the armrests and squeezed her hand.

"Don't be afraid," he tried to console her, "if God could save me, then He can save Mom."

Abby clung to Jake's steady hand, and tried to remind herself of the many Bible promises that she and her mother had been claiming for the success of their pregnancies. The one that stood out in her mind the most was from First Timothy, chapter two, verse fifteen: "She shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety." In a silent prayer, Abby reminded God of His promise. "She shall be saved."

Just then, a nurse appeared in the doorway and the three expectantly stood up. The woman informed them that Izumi was unable to see any visitors, because she was being taken to the operating room for the cesarean. The surgery had to take place now, before the babies tried to come out the natural way. And since the natural way was risky for a pregnancy of triplets, the cesarean could not wait any longer, for Izumi's contractions were too strong.

"I forgot to bring Izzy's camcorder!" exclaimed Terry, disappointedly flopping down into his chair once the nurse had left. "I was supposed to give it to John so he could tape the girls' birth! Oh, well."

"I guess it's a good thing Abby remembered to grab my digital camera, before we left the house," said Jake, as Abby took the camera out and handed it to her uncle.

"Thanks, guys!" cried Terry, jumping to his feet. "Maybe someone can pass this to John in the operating room!"

A few minutes later, Terry returned with a triumphant smile.

"John has the camera," he announced happily.

The three waited as patiently as they could for any news of Izumi and the triplets. When over an hour had passed and still no word had come, Abby stood up, and began to pace on one side of the waiting room. Jake kept an eye on her to make sure she was all right, but remained seated, for his ribs were aching.

Just as Abby was reminding God of His promise once more, John entered the waiting room dressed in a blue surgical cap and gown, his face weary but happy.
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