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John motioned to the other side of Izumi's bed and pointed to three small cribs.

"Abby," he smiled proudly, "I want you to meet someone."

Terry and Jake stood back as Abby walked around Izumi's bed and peered into the cribs. Three small newborns, cuddled beneath three small receiving blankets, lay sleeping in their cozy beds. In awe, Abby bent forward to get a closer look. It was then that she noticed that all three girls had tufts of their father's blond hair adorning their tiny crowns.

"This little lady," introduced John, touching the blanket of the first baby, "is Deborah Anne. And this one is Elizabeth Chloe, and the last one is Ruth Danielle. We had their names all picked out, so the first one out, got the first name on our list."

"Let me see," said Terry, as Abby made room beside the cribs for her adopted uncle. "Deborah, Elizabeth, and Ruth," he mused, as if trying the babies' names on for size. "Let me think... Debbie, Lizzie, and Ruthie," Terry modified, while John chuckled out loud, for he had known his friend would do just that. "Hey, little bits," cooed Terry, "welcome to the family. Just wait until you're old enough to go fishing!"

Then it was Jake's turn. He looked over the tiny girls in utter amazement. To think, he was married to their big sister! It didn't seem possible. Suddenly, one baby opened its eyes and whimpered, promptly waking up the other two.

"Dad!" he exclaimed in surprise. "They all have the same blue eyes as Abby's!"

"Let me see," laughed Terry, bending over the cribs to see for himself. "Sure enough! Izzy, you have three, blond haired, blue eyed babies!"

"I know," smiled the dark haired mother.

Jake marveled over the babies and shook his head with a knowing smile.

"Dad, those are going to be three little heartbreakers," he predicted. "I know Abby is."

"Thanks a lot," laughed Abby, looking up from the cribs to see the smiling face of her husband.

"You can be, sometimes," he admitted.

"Have you guys noticed anything else, yet?" wondered John, with a mysterious twinkle in his eyes.

"Such as?" asked Terry, going back to the cribs one more time. Then, it suddenly hit him. "Uh-oh," gasped Terry. "They all look alike."

"Dr. Williams insisted that they're not identical," said Izumi, "but for the life of me, without those hospital bracelets, I can't tell one girl from another."

"Then how can they not be identical?" asked Abby, just noticing the striking similarity, herself. "It looks as though we have three carbon copies of the same baby!"

"Yes," explained John, "but they had three separate membranes in the womb, so, Dr. Williams said they are fraternal, and not identical."

"Well," sighed Terry, "that's great for the doctor to say, but how in the world are we supposed to tell them apart?"

"You could write their names on the backs of their hands," suggested Jake, quickly trying to stifle a laugh, for his ribs still hurt.

"Very funny," smiled Abby, as John and Terry broke into soft peals of laughter.
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