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"I can't believe you can still get so romantic with someone about to give birth next month," replied Abby. "And I'm surprised I let you. Mom said my third trimester wouldn't leave me in the mood for love, but so far, it hasn't happened."

"For that, I'm truly thankful," he grinned.

"Oh, Jake," sighed Abby.

As April waxed in earnest, so did Jake's anticipation over his college acceptance letter. Day after day, the young man expectantly checked the mail, searching for the one envelope that would decide his future.

Just when Jake's attention was fully engaged in whether or not he would be attending college, Dick unexpectedly visited the little yellow house one April morning with news straight from Governor Smith's office.

"He's agreed to the advisory board!" cried Dick, shaking hands with Jake in congratulations. "There's still some debate about who's going to be on the board, but you and I have already been approved!"

"Jake is going to be on the advisory board?" asked Abby in surprise. "What about college? How often are they going to meet?"

"Once every two weeks," replied Dick, "though the schedule is far from being set in concrete. Don't worry, Abby, I'll pay for Jake to fly back and forth from San Diego out of my own pocket. I don't care what it costs, but he is going to college!"

"But, Dick, it'll be so expensive," resisted Jake.

"I'm not going to let this stand in the way of your future," insisted Dick, with a firm nod of his head. "Not when I can do something about it! We wouldn't even have this opportunity if it wasn't for your willingness to take this whole thing to court. It's the very least I can do. Abby," he said, turning to her, "don't let him talk you out of it! Jake is going to college, and that's all there is to it!"

Abby smiled thankfully, and Dick received as much of a hug as a pregnant woman was able to give with such a large belly in the way.

"Don't start buying airplane tickets," warned Jake. "I haven't been accepted to college, yet. It's mid April, and there's still no word."

"The letter will come," said Abby, in a confident voice. "God is opening a lot of doors to make this happen."

One bright sunny day late in April, the document Jake and Abby had been waiting for, finally arrived with the daily mail. Pensively, Jake handed the precious envelope to Abby.

"You open it," he asked. "I'm too nervous."

With a quiet prayer, Abby opened the seal and unfolded the enclosed letter. Jake watched as she sped through the document, not bothering to read it out loud.

"Abby!" he frantically cried in anticipation. "What did they say?!"

Her flashing eyes met his and she broke out into a proud smile.

"You're in! You're going to college!"
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