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John looked at his son-in-law and the young man shrugged.

"Sweetheart," smiled John, "he's a grown man, not a child that needs disciplining."

"I hope Abe had a good winter in Arizona," mused Izumi, taking another bite of dessert and then checking on the playpen behind her. "Sounds like Debbie needs to be changed."

"It's my turn," said John, getting up from the table while Abby continued to stare down Jake.

"Ouch!" Jake suddenly cried out, bending under the table to rub his leg.

"What is it?" asked Terry.

"She kicked me!" exclaimed Jake in surprise.

"Abby, cut that out!" came her father's warning voice from the next room.

"What'd you do that for?" asked Jake, still smarting from her reproof.

"Oh, come on," sighed Abby, "it wasn't that bad. I didn't kick you very hard."

"Abe certainly was missed," said Izumi, thoughtfully. "A lot has happened since he's been away."

"I can't wait for him to see the girls," grinned Terry, as baby Lizzie pulled at her sister's hair. The other baby began to scream, while John finished changing Debbie in the living room.

"I think you gave me a bruise," said Jake, lifting the pant leg of his jeans and seeing a mark begin to show on his skin.

Alarmed, Abby leaned forward and gasped when she saw the small bruise.

"Jake!" she cried. "Does it hurt?"

"Maybe, we should invite Abe to a surprise get-together as a welcome home," suggested John, carrying Debbie back to the kitchen and placing her into the playpen with her two sisters. Ruthie was still screaming at the top of her lungs so John handed her off to Terry, who was more than willing to entertain his niece for awhile.

"That would be nice," agreed Izumi.

By now, Jake was hugging a tearful Abby. When they started kissing, John cleared his throat to remind them that they weren't alone.

"Some things around here have changed more than others," he chuckled, nodding in the direction of the young couple.

"I'm sorry," whispered Abby, as Jake dried her eyes with a napkin. He smiled, and she sighed contentedly.

"I love these family mornings," mused John, helping himself to more toast as the triplets began to cry. With a sniff, Abby leaned her head against Jake's shoulder while he finished his breakfast. Terry cooed to the little one dandling in his arms, while Izumi read the Lifestyles section of the newspaper. Yes, life was good.

Later that same day, Abby rested on the couch in the living room of their little yellow house while Jake brought her a glass of lemonade. His attentiveness was getting on her nerves again, and she was struggling not to let it show.

"Are you sure you don't want anything to eat with that?" he asked one more time.

"I refuse to eat everything you offer me," groaned Abby. "The more nervous you get about the due date, the more food I have to turn down! Honestly, Jake, I don't have to eat as much as Mom does! I'm only carrying one baby!"

"Okay, okay," he backed off, seeing that he was only agitating her further. "I'll just be in the next room."
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