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"It's no wonder Terry wanted to give that to us now, instead of at the party," muttered Jake. "It's enough to dampen anyone's spirits."

"Why didn't you tell me that tomorrow was our anniversary?" she wondered. "You must be so angry!"

"Abby, I'm not angry," he sighed, "only a little hurt. I was hoping that you'd eventually remember on your own." Jake wiped his hands on a kitchen hand towel, and looked at her thoughtfully. "You know, seeing that album reminded me of just how far we've come. Abby, when I look at you in those pictures, all I see is pity. Until now, I hadn't realized how much you've changed toward me."

Abby stared at the terrified ex-convict looking back at her from the wedding photos and shuddered.

"You weren't exactly brimming over with love, yourself," she pointed out. "I know these look like mug shots," said Abby, "but my memories of that day are much happier than what's represented in this album. Do you remember when we went for ice cream after the ceremony, Jake? We had a good time, didn't we?"

"I remember you smiled at me a lot," recalled Jake. "I was happy. I still am, Abby."

Content that they had something good to remember that day by, after all, Abby shut the photo album and pushed it aside.

"Our relationship has changed a lot since we first met," she mused, "and so have our feelings for each other."

"What about now?" Jake challenged her, planting his hands on the table and playfully leaning across it to reach her lips. Securely hanging from his chest was a wide-eyed Ricky, staring in wonderment as the horizon of his world suddenly shifted, and he found himself on his back. "Abby, what do you feel for me at this very moment?"

Abby gazed into Jake's face and smiled, knowingly.

"Well," she laughed, "it certainly isn't pity, that's for sure! And," she added, "that look in your eyes right now isn't exactly terror!"

Momentarily losing himself in her presence, Jake hungrily kissed her mouth. When his longing became too much, he had to force himself to stop.

"Sorry," breathed Jake, "I got a little carried away."

Just then, Ricky let out a small cry from the baby sling. When the infant tried to suckle the material in front of his face, Jake gave him to his mother. "Do me a favor?" he requested, as Abby searched the kitchen for a good place to nurse Ricky. "Not in front of me?"

"We'll keep Mom company while she's nursing the girls," nodded Abby, preparing to leave for the master bedroom. "I just remembered that Dennis needs me to finish a project for him, today. I think I can get it done before for the party, though. Even if I can't-- I'll be there."

"I know you'll try," smiled Jake, his voice already sounding disappointed, for he knew how easily she forgot the time when working at her computer.

Since the party was in Abby and Jake's honor, John decided to give the young man a rest from cooking, and arranged to have their favorite restaurant prepare the food, and deliver it to the house. It was a welcome change in routine for Jake, and he smiled to himself, knowing that he wouldn't be facing what to fix for dinner that night!

After putting in a few hours at their home office, John started preparing the house for the party. While Terry set up a playpen in the living room to corral the babies, John put out the dining table and made sure there would be enough chairs for all their guests.
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