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The morning light filtered through the closed bedroom window as Abby glanced at the clock on her nightstand. As usual, Jake had fallen asleep with one arm snugly wrapped around her waist. Abby understood his need to maintain contact with her throughout the night, and always rejoiced to find that he was still there when she awoke the next morning.

Jake stirred, and Abby could hear his breathing change as he groggily checked the time. With small laugh, Jake dropped his head back onto the pillow.

"Don't you have to get up and go to work?" she wondered, seeing that the lateness of the time hadn't disturbed him in the slightest.

"Dad gave me the day off," explained Jake, wrapping his other arm around her as well. "It's our anniversary, you know."

Even the playful affection in his voice wasn't enough to ease the sting when Abby recalled her lapse of memory, the day before.

"I still can't believe I forgot!" she lamented. "What happily married woman forgets her first wedding anniversary?!"

With a smile, Jake nuzzled her neck.

"You more than made up for it last night," he murmured happily. Jake kissed her, and was about to get more serious, when Ricky began to cry from his crib at the foot of their bed. With an ironic laugh, Jake helplessly looked at Abby.

"Ricky knows we're awake," she explained, "and he wants his share of attention. He's probably hungry, too."

"I'll get him," Jake nodded in understanding. He quickly dressed and went to the crib where his son was waiting. "I have to admit," said Jake, "it's late enough in the morning that I'm getting hungry, myself."

"It feels strange that you're not rushing over to my parents' house to start breakfast," mused Abby, as he placed Ricky into her arms. "It feels like a holiday."

"It is," grinned Jake. "Well, sort of."

"I think Dennis would let me have the day off," proposed Abby.

"What did you have in mind?" Jake wondered hesitantly. "I know it's the start of bass season," he added with a wry smile, "but I don't want to go fly fishing, today."

"What else is there?" she asked.

Shaking his head good-naturedly, Jake kissed his wife and started down the hall to prepare their breakfast.

"Let me see what I can come up with," he laughed.

"Whatever it is," she called after him, "it can't be expensive! Remember, we have to save for college and California!"

"I'll remember," came the response from the kitchen.

After breakfast, Jake mysteriously disappeared out the front door, without giving Abby an explanation of where he was going or why-- though she surmised it had something to do with their previous conversation. Since he had left on foot, Abby knew he couldn't go very far, but that fact didn't help her guess what he was up to.

With Ricky strapped to her in his baby sling, Abby sat down at the computer and emailed Dennis to ask for the day off. When a response quickly followed, she discovered that he not only gave his permission, but also sent good wishes for a happy anniversary. After a thank you to her understanding boss, Abby decided to give Ricky a bath.
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