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She was in the kitchen with a naked baby in the sink when Jake returned home with a few shopping bags-- most of which looked as though they had come from the grocery store.

"What do we have here?" Jake exclaimed with a wide grin, as Ricky looked up and smiled in response to the sound of his father's voice. "Couldn't talk mommy out of sticking you in the sink, huh?"

"Where have you been?" asked Abby, as Jake kissed her and started hurrying his perishable goods into the refrigerator.

"I did a little shopping," he smiled with a twinkle in his eyes. "Don't worry, I watched the budget." Even though Jake could see the apprehension on Abby's face, she held her tongue. He knew she was still feeling guilty about forgetting their anniversary, and was trying to let him do what he wanted with their special day. Realizing that he could use this opportunity to his advantage, Jake grinned all the harder. Today was his, to spend however he wanted with Abby!

Abby continued with Ricky's bath, occasionally glancing over at Jake who was intently working at the counter behind her. Once in a while, Jake would come to Ricky's sink and divert water into the opposite side of the split basin to rinse some produce.

It was while Abby was waiting for him to return her water, that she happened to notice a medium sized shopping bag with a business logo she didn't recognize, laying on the floor near the table.

"What's in that?" she asked, as Jake's eyes followed her gaze to the bag.

A playful smile was the only answer she received.

"You're really enjoying yourself today, aren't you," she laughed.

Flashing another handsome grin, Jake returned to the stove, leaving Abby to wonder about the contents of the bag.

"Come on, Ricky," she sighed, pulling the child out of the sink, "let's leave your daddy to his secrets." Abby bundled Ricky into a soft dry towel and was about to take him back to the bedroom, when Jake stopped her.

"Why don't you lay down for a nap?" he suggested, wiping his hands on the apron tied about his waist. "I won't be done for awhile, and I could wake you up when I have everything ready." It was an innocent enough suggestion, but Abby had the feeling he was getting her out of the way. "You look tired," he insisted.

"I suppose I could take a nap," she slowly replied, not wanting to disappoint the excited expression on his face, "if you want me to."

With a happy nod, Jake went back to his cooking.

It wasn't as though Abby wasn't a little tired, but she felt strange going to sleep in the middle of the day; it was just one more reminder that today was special. Abby sighed, and rolled over on the bed, trying to find another comfortable position, while Ricky napped in his crib. Jake's exuberance was making it difficult for her to shut her eyes, and she was slowly being pulled into his boyish anticipation.

"I'm being ridiculous, just like him," Abby sighed. But she could hear the metallic clanging of pans, and the scraping of utensils coming from the kitchen, and her heart foolishly skipped a beat. "He's only fixing food," she reasoned, trying to still the excitement welling inside her. Then, Abby remembered his loving smile as he had looked at her that morning, and she suddenly realized WHY she felt so happy and special that day. It wasn't because of food, or even any surprises, but because Jake was in love with her. It was a simple idea, really, but the more Abby thought it over, the more it made sense to her. She sighed dreamily, and soon, the calm that had been eluding her, gradually descended, and Abby was fast asleep.

"Wake up, sleepyhead," said a gentle voice, as Abby's eyes flickered open. "Ricky and I must have really kept you awake last night," mused Jake,"because you've been asleep for hours."
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