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"Yes, could we go home now?" she asked, ready to leave.

"Not yet," he resisted, clutching her hand even tighter.

"Then when?" Abby wanted to know.

Jake sighed.

"When you start smiling again," he finally responded.

"I'm smiling," she announced, "see?"

Since Jake couldn't see her very well, his free hand inspected the integrity of her smile.

"I'm not convinced," he said, doubtfully. "It feels forced."

"Please?" begged Abby, tugging at his hand. "Let's go home, Jake!"

Abby could hear another sigh escape from her husband's lips, but his grip on her remained firm.

"I don't want you to spend the entire night in tears," he explained.

"I won't," she quickly promised. The second Abby heard the sound of her own words, she knew that it was a dubious promise, at best. "I'll try not to," she altered the wording.

"I want you to be happy," said Jake. "We haven't even left Three Mile Bay yet, and you're already homesick. If I can't cheer you up now, while we're still near your parents, how am I going to when we're on our own in California?"

The helpless tone in his voice had a sobering effect on Abby.

"I'm sorry, Jake."

"I don't want your apology," he responded, "I want your smile back."

Instead of a smile, though, Abby began to weep once more. Jake's arms wrapped around her, drawing her so close to him that she could hear each beat of his heart.

"We'll go in," he whispered, disappointedly.

But Abby held onto his shirt and refused to let him go. With trembling lips, her mouth lovingly searched for his in the darkness. By the time she had finished kissing him, Abby could feel his pulse racing to the same rhythm as her own.

"Wow," breathed Jake, "I wasn't expecting that."

Leaning her head against his chest, Abby felt the cool water lapping at her feet. She gently touched the arms encircling her, and sighed happily.

"Are you smiling?" Jake wondered out loud. "Because, if you are, I can't see it!"

Her chest rose and fell in rapid succession, and Jake could feel her silently laughing. Then Abby took his hand and touched it to her face, while his fingers inspected her smile once more.
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