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"That's more like it," he grinned, hugging her tightly.

"Jake, wherever you are, that will be home to me," said Abby, echoing the same sentiment that he had told her only days earlier. How Jake had yearned to hear her say those words back to him! "I may miss my parents, and Uncle Terry, and my sisters, but they aren't my home, anymore. You are."

The sound of Abby's soft voice filled the very air that Jake breathed, until he thought he would drown in her presence.

"You and I are one," she whispered, her fingers intertwining with his.

Jake's desire was building, until Abby could hear his heart thumping faster and faster beneath her head. When his hands began to tremble with longing, Abby straightened herself and pulled away from his arms.

"I am not going to make love with you on my father's dock," she declared, trying to regain some of her lost composure. "I don't care how dark the moon is, tonight!"

"Abby, you're an amazing woman," breathed Jake, nuzzling her neck and trying to move closer.

Seeing an opportunity to cool her husband down a little, Abby smiled.

"I've been told that, before."

"Really?" asked Jake, his senses gradually returning to him. "Who said it? I don't remember telling you that, until just now."

"Oh, it wasn't you," replied Abby, kicking her legs, and splashing her feet in the water.

"Your Dad, then?" pressed Jake. "Or, maybe it was Terry?"

"Nope," Abby shook her head, "it was Dennis."

"Dennis!" exclaimed Jake, looking at her in surprise.

"It was perfectly innocent," said Abby, not wanting to push Jake too far. She only wanted to distract him long enough to get his mind on something else for awhile.

"I don't believe you," tested Jake, trying to see her expression in the darkness. "I think you're just teasing, Abby. I've seen you bait me, before."

Abby tossed her head back and laughed into the night air.

"You're getting too good for me!" she conceded.

"I thought so!" Jake triumphantly exclaimed.

"Although," she added, "Dennis really did tell me that I was an amazing woman."

"He did, huh?"

"Yes, it was when I gave him a hand tied larvae fly," related Abby, rather matter-of-factly. "Dennis seemed to think that it was pretty special, so who was I to contradict an expert?"

Jake sighed audibly, and Abby softly laughed.
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