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When the kitchen was tidy, Jake left Ricky with Izumi and went back to the little yellow house to do more packing before Abby and John arrived with the trailer. It wasn't long before Terry showed up, offering to help out wherever he could.

"This house holds some dear memories," mused Terry, as he helped Jake pack the large aquarium and place it in the living room with the other boxes. "It'll be hard to see it empty, again."

"Abby and I have been happy here," said Jake, thankfully.

"You two will be happy, no matter where you go," Terry remarked knowingly, "because you'll be together. It may take awhile to get used to your new surroundings, but you'll make a home for yourselves in San Diego. I just hope..." Terry stopped short of finishing his thought out loud. John had said that this was AJ's life, and that they should be the ones to make their own decisions, so Terry didn't want to pressure them.

"We plan on coming back," replied Jake, as if understanding what had been left unsaid. "Neither of us want to stay in California, indefinitely."

Terry wondered if they would feel the same way a few years from now. Only God and time would be able to answer that.

"Do you think you'll ever try fly fishing, again?" asked Terry, changing the subject to a less painful one.

"Not unless Abby gets bored with me!" chuckled Jake.

"Could I ask you a favor?" requested Terry, not knowing how Jake would react.

"You want a hug?" guessed the young man.

"How could you possibly know that?" Terry asked in surprise.

"Everyone else has been wanting one," Jake shrugged with a smile.

Terry's lopsided grin emerged, and the men heartily embraced each other.

"Take pictures of Ricky," Terry requested, "and email us as many as you can."

"I will," promised Jake.

"I knew that digital camera was a good idea!" exclaimed Terry, congratulating himself as he returned to Abby's bedroom for the hood to the aquarium.

"Abby and Dad are back!" Jake called from the living room window.

While Izumi had an enjoyable morning baby-sitting the four children, the others started loading the moving trailer. Everything went so smoothly, that by lunchtime, the crowded living room was empty. All that remained in Abby's bedroom was her large mattress, which now rested on the floor, and Ricky's bassinet, for Abby had decided that the crib was all they would need in San Diego.

After packing the last of the things from the kitchen, Abby sighed wearily. She was beginning to fight back slumber, and knew she had to stay awake, if she was going to get any sleep that night.

"I guess that's the last of it," yawned Abby.

"You look as though you're ready to fall asleep where you're standing," observed Jake.

"I'll go make some coffee," offered John, seeing that Jake could use a little reviving, as well.

Back at John's house, Izumi followed her husband into the kitchen with Ricky.
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