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"Wait a minute," interjected Gary, "we're in the middle of a lesson, here."

"It is over," insisted Pierre, turning back to the pretty young woman with deep blue eyes.

In frustration, Gary stormed off, nearly knocking Jake over as he left.

"I apologize for his behavior," said Abby, politely accepting the fly rod from Pierre.

With grace and ease that Pierre had entirely lacked, Abby executed a perfect backcast. Though she had intentionally not beat Pierre's mark, the presentation of her cast greatly impressed him.

"Ah!" exclaimed Pierre. "You should be the teacher, and I should be your pupil!"

"It's no big deal," replied Abby, handing the fly rod back to him. "Well," she said, checking her watch, "since I'm not needed here, I have to get going."

"Un cadeau pour vous [A gift for you]," said Pierre, presenting her with a fifty dollar bill.

"You don't have to tip me," replied Abby, offering the money back to him. "I'm paid by the marina."

"No, no! I insist! Maybe, I see you again, someday?" he asked.

"Maybe," answered Abby, a little puzzled by his meaning. "Au revoir."

As she turned to leave, Abby noticed for the first time that Jake had been watching.

It had been no surprise to Jake that Pierre had liked Abby. She had that effect on a lot of men, and wasn't even aware of it.

"It's almost time to get off work," she observed. "Do you want a ride home?"

"All right," Jake replied, going inside to put away the broom.

Abby stuck in her head inside the store to say good-bye to Mr. Winkler before heading off.

"Gary isn't happy," announced the old man, coming to the door to speak with her.

"Maybe Gary should try smiling more," she responded.

"He says you stole his customer from him," related Mr. Winkler.

"How could I? I'm a translator, not an instructor!" she exclaimed, as Jake came out and stood beside her until she was ready to leave. "This has happened before, Mr. Winkler. Gary was unprofessional, and the customer walked."

"Do you think he should be fired, then?" asked the elderly man, curiously.

"That's not for me to say," answered Abby, backing off. "I'm only saying, that this has happened before."

"If I lose my main fly casting instructor, who will I get to replace him?" asked Mr. Winkler.

"Oh, no," replied Abby, recognizing a familiar look in his eyes. "I'm going to be an artist, remember?"

"If that's what you really want," he sighed, "but, remember this: you have a God-given gift. Don't hide it behind an easel!"

"I'll remember," assured Abby, as she and Jake began the walk to the parking lot.

When they reached the jeep, Abby discovered that she had a flat tire. Upon closer inspection, she realized that someone had slashed it with a knife.

"Gary," muttered Abby, under her breath.

Not willing to surrender to Gary's bitter spirit, Abby began to change the tire, while Jake watched on. One might think this ungallant of him, but the simple truth was, Jake didn't know how to drive-- let alone change a tire. Besides, Abby was perfectly capable, and even asked him to step aside while she worked. Through it all, her spirit was upbeat and undefeated. She "took joyfully the spoiling of [her] goods."
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