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"No, thanks," said Jake, trying not to smell her food.

Abby prayed over her dinner, and then began to eat. She could tell Jake was hungry, and that the soup was not likely to fill his stomach.

"Why won't you eat what Mom made?" asked Abby, unable to keep silent any longer.

"Because," replied Jake, in a voice of embarrassment, "it's your food. I can't afford that balanced diet, she was talking about."

"But," reasoned Abby, "I can. I make enough money that we could afford a little better than watered down soup all the time."

"No," resisted Jake, "that's your money."

"I thought we were partners," she pointed out. "What's mine is yours. Everything I own or make, now belongs to you, as well."

Jake stared at her, incredulously.

"The jeep, computer, easel, aquarium, and even my fly rods-- I share it all with you," said Abby. "Dad and Mom share everything, so I don't see why we shouldn't. Although, I would appreciate it if you didn't leave the lines tangled after you go fishing. I hate finding a fly rod with knots."

"Abby," said Jake, "I'm not expecting anything from you, except to help me with my flashbacks. I didn't marry you for your jeep."

"I know that," she smiled. "Now, do you want a chicken leg, or not?"

"I shouldn't let you support me," resisted Jake.

"As long as you're doing your best," argued Abby, "then we're supporting each other."

She handed him a plate, and passed him the dinner Izumi had prepared. Jake ate in silence, marveling at Abby's willingness to share everything she had with him-- even her own family.

After dinner was over, and the dishes were cleared away, Abby went to the living room to set up the computer. It was placed on a desk in one corner of the room, next to the couch. Jake watched as she connected the cables and adjusted the monitor.

"I haven't checked my email all day," she sighed, "so my mailbox is sure to be full of spam."

Jake had never had a female roommate before, and didn't know how to act. Abby sensed he was nervous, and tried to break the uncomfortable silence, as much as she could.

"Masato emailed," she said, opening the message in her program. "I haven't told him that I got married, yet. Won't that be a surprise! He doesn't say very much, only that there's a new reel out, and that he'll let me know if it's worth getting, or not."

Just then, there was a knock on the front door.

"I'll get it," said Jake, jumping up from the couch.

"Hello!" greeted the visitor. "My name is Pat O'Shea. Is Abby home?"

"Mr. O'Shea!" welcomed Abby, coming over to greet one of her fishing buddies. "What a nice surprise! Won't you come in?"

"I hear that congratulations are in order," said Mr. O'Shea, giving her a hug. "Jake, you're a very fortunate man! If I was several years younger myself, I would have given you a run for your money!"

"How did you hear about it so soon?" wondered Abby, for to the best of her knowledge, no one in the family had told anyone yet.

"Your parents called me today," explained Mr. O'Shea, "and, as their lawyer, asked me to transfer the deed to this house, to you and Jake. John told me to bring it straight over, so here I am. This has been notarized, so it's completely official."
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