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"Thank you," replied Adam. "So, what have you been up to?" Chad shrugged.

"Nothing. Hey, did you ever hear of the inventor who invented a plate that had layers so you could peel the dishes clean, instead of washing them everyday?" asked Chad.

"Too bad it never caught on," chuckled Adam.

"Uncle Adam?"

"Yes, Chad?"

"Does Mike seem different to you?"

"Different? How so?"

"I don't know," shrugged Chad, drying a plate. "Does he?"

"Does he what?"

"Seem different?" repeated Chad.

"I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, nothing. Becky said Mike was in love," replied Chad, somewhat carelessly.

"Becky who?"

"Becky Weston," replied Chad, dumping the soggy towel into a pool of water beside the sink.

"Sandra's little sister?" asked Adam, not willing to pass off the conversation as easily as his nephew. Chad nodded, going to the freezer to see if Adam had any snacks that were readily available. "What makes Becky say that?" asked Adam.

"Say what?"

"Say that Mike is in love," repeated Adam, shutting the freezer door while Chad was still inspecting it. Chad opened his mouth to ask why he couldn't have an ice cream snack, when Adam cut short his protest with, "Not before dinner. Well?"

"Well what?" asked Chad, who was still thinking about the chocolate Klondike bar he glimpsed in the freezer, sandwiched between two frozen dinners.

"What made Becky say that Mike was in love?" persisted Adam.

"We set them up, that's why," smiled Chad, proudly.

"Set them up?"

"Yeah, you know-- Becky and me got them together."

"Becky and I," corrected Adam. Chad shrugged. Correct English meant little to him.

"I sort of talked about Sandra while Mike was around, and mentioned that she was beautiful... and a bunch of other things Becky told me to say. Anyways, they've been going out a lot, and Becky thinks Mike and Sandra are in love," related Chad. "Becky says that when two people are in love, they act different. I was just wondering if Mike was acting different," explained Chad.
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