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"When?" persisted Vera.

"Soon," replied Chuck, trying to fight back frustration. "I just can't call Angela and say I've changed my mind."

"Why not?"

"Do you remember how she fought over Charlie when she was a baby? It's going to take nothing but a miracle for Angela to give up Charlie now," answered Chuck, fighting despair. What was that promise about children? And what did Adam say the Bible said about despair, again? The feelings and emotions were coming so rapidly in succession, that Chuck silently cried to God for help not to sin against Him.

"She's the kind who would take you to court," affirmed Vera.

"Yes, I guess she could. If only I hadn't given her to Angela!" mourned Chuck, chastising himself.

"Where are you going?" asked Vera, seeing her son leave the table before finishing his breakfast. Chuck didn't hear her, for he had already disappeared into his room. The thought had crossed his mind to go ask Adam what to do... but it was his responsibility to make this decision, not Adam's.

Strangely enough, when it's four o'clock in the morning in California, it's seven in the morning in North Carolina. Unlike Vera, Angela was setting the breakfast table at her usual time. As Angela was about to call everyone to breakfast, Sherri darted from her room to the door with a--

"Igottarun!" Before Angela could ask any questions, Sherri was gone. After muttering something about breakfast being the most important meal of the day, the rest of the family came in to eat-- everyone except Charlie.

"Charlotte!" called Angela. "It's breakfast time!" Angela sat at her usual place at the table and began to eat. Five minutes later, Angela called again.

"It's time to eat breakfast, Charlotte! If you don't hurry, you'll be late for school!" There was no answer. Angela was becoming impatient. "Did you hear me?" Angela got up from the table and went to the girls' closed bedroom door. She turned the handle and looked in. To her surprise, Charlie wasn't there-- her bed hadn't even been slept in. Angela's first thought was anger and then one of puzzlement. "Why hadn't Sherri said something?" thought Angela, opening Charlie's drawers and finding them all empty. "Surely she knew," continued Angela. Then, she remembered Sherri's quick exit that morning-- not even bothering grabbing a bite to eat. "She knew," muttered Angela, bitterly.

Angela stormed to the living room telephone and called the high school. After a few minutes of waiting for someone to locate her, Sherri was put on the phone.

"Sherri," asked Angela, angrily, "where is your cousin?"

"Isn't she there?" asked Sherri, in feigned surprise.

"Don't play innocent with me, young lady," threatened Angela. "Tell me what happened or you'll be grounded for a year!" With this pricey ultimatum hanging over her head, Sherri cracked.

"She's on a flight to California," replied Sherri, unapologetically, "to go live with Uncle Charlton."

"How could she pay for the ticket?" demanded Angela. "Did you help her?"
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